Rating & Award System

At Guilty Pleasures we love our books!  We strive to give honest, respectful reviews, with no spoilers, if by chance we feel the need to put a spoiler in, we will make sure to warn our readers.

Here is how our rating system works:


 Great Book, possible re-read!!!
 Good Book, definitely worth the money.
Meh…Needs some work.

Momma told me if I can't say something nice........

Sometimes there is a book that we totally love, that we know will be a re-read again and again. It doesn’t have to be a perfect book, but it is one that we will tell EVERYONE that they should read..when that happens we will put the following on the review: This book can be a 4 or 5 star review.
As of 4/27/12 Recommended Read is now A TRUE GEM

Then there are those books that are just outstanding! These have to have a STRONG 4.5 Star or up Review to be PUREST DELIGHT.

As of 4/27/12 Creme de la Creme is now PUREST DELIGHT

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