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Like our tagline says – Reviews by every day women, for every day women. We are a group of friends from all walks of life with a common love of books. We read all things romance. However, we do not discriminate, if it sounds good to us we will read it.

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DiDi Griego

Owner, Reviewer

I’m the self-proclaimed QUEEN of fragments, run-ons, made up words & droppin’ gs. I really don’t have set format for a review, the way I feel about the book dictates the way the review comes out. What I can promise is no snark and no spoilers, unless I warn you about it but I’d rather not put spoilers.

I LOVE to read, a book a day is my norm. This blog is to share that love and to keep me from going insane now that my only child is an adult =)

I’m discovering I have a bit of NAUGHTY in me, as well as an inner sub waiting for a COWBOY DOM to make her come out.

I love to chat and make friends…

myAvatar (14)

Slick Reads 
Reviewer,  Author Liaison

I’m an avid reader and average around 20-30 books per month. I actually discovered erotic romance a few years ago and credit Lorelei James for putting a lot of spark back into my marriage. My husband and I have been married over 25 years so yes, that makes me a “mature” woman by age but at heart I’m about 30! By day I’m a mild mannered teacher, by night well I’m something very different indeed!  I prefer contemporary romances and read anything from sweet to sensual to sexy to downright dirty. Hobbies include traveling, photography, and of course READING!  I’ve been a part of the Guilty Pleasures Review crew for several years and it has been such a rewarding experience; I’ve met so many great people and made tons of new friends!



Ava Austin

Artistic Designer/Tech Guru, Reviewer

I spend my day time as an Administrative Slave to several lost causes. I find myself daydreaming about all the great books I read at night. Once I leave the confines of office drudgery I’m a human taxi cab for my two sons and their endless soccer activities. I sneak in all the reading I can at practices and games! I’m so glad I have a nook to keep it all under wraps!! I spend my downtime reading, cuddled up with my multitude of furry companions and chatting with my friends online. I have the luxury of spending my nights wrapped around a broody alpha man with sexy Spanish accent. He doesn’t understand why I could possibly want to ‘sit around reading’ all the time, but he reaps the rewards often enough to keep quiet about it!

Strong willed leading ladies paired with dominant males and all they have to offer a girl is what I tend to Iook for in a book. My favorite genres are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Erotica. Some of my favorite authors: Kelley Armstrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Lorelei James, and Selena Kitt. ~Ava


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Kimber Oliver
Reviewer, Queen Boinker 😉

Hi Everyone!

A little something about me is I LOVE to read but that wasn’t always the case.  Sure, I’d read books in the past and liked them okay, but had never had that WOW feeling while reading so it wasn’t something I did on a regular basis.  What I found was that I wasn’t reading the right kinds of books for me.  Things changed after I saw the first Harry Potter movie with my children.  I went home afterwards and decided to read the books.  Well, I loved them so much, I read them over and over, and the rest is history.

I’m completely obsessed with reading.  Not only do I love to read but I love to discuss the books I’ve read, whether it’s a great YA book, paranormal, contemporary, or mystery/suspense, part of the fun is being able to talk about it and hear other’s thoughts too. I do prefer my books steamy.  Sort of like the saying “I still read fairytales, they’re just a lot dirtier now.”

I am having a blast with the GP review site. I’ve gained so many wonderful friends, and just think, it’s all because of Harry Potter. Go figure!

Angeline DeLuca

A lover of books and a romantic at heart. I love to read a variety of genre’s and share my thoughts on great stories with my friends. And we’re all friends here, right? Although I prefer a happily ever after, it is not a necessity. A story that invokes my mind; makes me think and feel will keep my interest and get a good review.

I’m happily married to my own real life hero. We have a great life raising our children. It brings me tremendous joy when my children tell me how much they love to read. Great discussions ensue. The apple doesn’t fall too far…

Happy Reading All!


Rhayne Riskae 
Goodreads Admin, Reviewer

I have been an avid reader my whole life. There is something just magical about getting lost in a good story. Besides reading I am a total country girl at heart. I love to camp and spend time outdoors. I am extremely addicted to NASCAR and Hockey. I have two fantastic kids that keep me very busy. I have an amazing husband who puts most of the hero’s I read about to shame.

I have a true passion for romance novels. I love the escape and the enjoyment that comes with reading a great book. When I read a book, I want it all. It has to evoke emotion from me. I want to laugh or cry and I want more than anything to fall in love with the characters and their lives. I want to be captivated until the very last word. A good author has the ability to bring it all out. I also want a great beginning. A great beginning to me is one that lands you smack dab in the middle of your characters lives, fast and hard. Something monumental or life changing should be happening that sets it all in motion and takes hold of the reader. It keeps them glued in an effort to find the what, where, why and how.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts. I will express my unbiased honest opinions…..both the good and the bad.

~Wishing you all lots and lots of sexy stories ~



Piper McKay 


Growing up I only read when I had to and most of the time I would only read half the book and then get the Cliffnotes or hopefully watch the movie. When I reached my late 20’s all of the sudden want to read! I started with authors like, Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin and Marion Keyes. I was talking to a friend at work one day and she opened my reading world to Sherrilyn Kenyon and my passion for reading just grew from there. I love a good story where you feel like you are living the story with the characters. Of course, I love a happy ending and when the nasty ones get what is coming to them. I do not think I am the greatest writer and a horrible speller, but I hope I can turn people on to great books. Since I am single gal still looking for HEA, I love losing myself in a book and have all my troubles go away for a while. I am glad that I will be able to share great stories with all of you. Happy Reading!


10471507_10153172110909493_1217120464052230061_nAlyn Love 


I am a klutz of a book addict and often find myself walking into walls because I refuse to look up from my books. I spend my days inspiring young minds to read and write in hopes of creating new book lovers and authors of the future. I spend my evenings and weekends with my 3 beautiful children and the daily eye candy I love to call my husband. I spend all day in the real world so my books are my serenity. They give me the escape from reality that every girl needs from time to time. Nothing beats a quiet room filled will cushy pillows, a steamy read, and a perfect cup of coffee. That is simply perfection! Whether it is on an e-reader, a phone, a computer, my i-Pod, or my favorite, a classic paperback; I always have a book in hand and have happily been deemed an addict. It is an addiction I am proud of and one I can’t wait to share.


myAvatar (2)Shadow


My parents used to claim I was reading at age 3.  I don’t if that’s true, but I can’t remember not being able to read. Anything that has the printed word on it or in it is fair game to me. If nothing else is available, I’ll read the cereal box at breakfast! While my interests change from time to time, my current interest is erotic romance, the hotter the better.

As a reviewer, I strive for honesty and try to explain why I like or don’t like something about a book, so my readers can judge for themselves if my criteria suits them.

Now retired from my career as first newspaper reporter and editor and then public relations specialist, my time is spent primarily volunteering with my husband in various activities.  We teach dog obedience and do pet therapy visits among other things. Our time is also taken up with caring for our dogs.  Retirement has given me more time to read, but never enough!


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Kitty Angel


Hi everyone, Kitty here.  Just thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.  Well, first of all, I love to read.  Usually I’ll read just about anything.  I love a good story – one that grabs me right in the beginning and doesn’t let go.  What makes me do an eye-roll?  First, serials that could have been one book but released every month.  Yea, you know the ones I am talking about.  Second, a story that doesn’t flow.  Like throwing an extreme sex scene into what could have been a wonderful romantic comedy or romantic suspense story just to make it an erotic romance.  Ugh! But, I’ll continue reading until the end of the book because I am OCD about that – if you start it, you finish it.

What makes me love, love, love a book?  Characters that I feel a part of, a story that brings me right into their world, an author who respects their readers and gives them a good story from their imagination and not just for good reviews.  Cops, baseball, MMA, firefighters, cowboys, vampires, shifters, MC, gods, warriors, menage, BDSM, historical, paranormal … as long as the characters and the stories are interesting and loveable, I’ll read it.  Yea, hot guys, tattoos, muscles … a nice personality is a bonus.

I also love being a mom to my three sons and two daughters-in-law.  Of course, my sons won’t read my reviews or want to know what I’m reading but kindly ask me to throw suggestions out to their wives on what books I happen to be reading now.  Hmm, turning to mom to spice up their lives.  I guess I could live with that.  I also share my love of country music with my youngest son … we’ve taken to the concert scene together and he loves that I’ll not only go with him but party with him too.  He’s in school to be a firefighter/paramedic and it scares me that I’ll someday open Facebook and see a calendar with his picture on it.

I also love being a part of the Guilty Pleasures Book Review Crew.  The ladies here are all fun-loving, wonderful people to work with.   Open, honest, caring readers (just like myself) that will give you an honest review with no snark, no spoilers. Thank you Didi, for this wonderful opportunity and all the doors you have opened for me.  You are the best!





I have been a reader all my life. I remember as a young girl reading my summer days away inside and my mother pushing me to go out and play with the the neighborhood kids. Now that my family is grown and on their own I have time to pick up my passion again in earnest. I love to read romance stories with historical westerns being my favorite. I have some favorite authors like Robyn Carr, Lynn Kurland, Lorelei James and Monica McCarty. I just love getting lost in a book and letting it take me places and experiencing the ups and downs of their love story. Erotica is still very new to me and I love finding new authors which really has opened up a whole new world of books to explore. I hope as a reviewer here at Guilty Pleasure I hope to give every story I read a fair and honest review so readers can get a feel if this is something that they would consider for themselves. Happy reading!


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I am a Cajun girl that LOVES to read. I tend to read a book or more a day. I love sharing my love of books with others. I’m new to reviewing them in this format. I was always a Facebook or word of mouth kinda gal

I enjoy a book that grabs you from the beginning, and doesn’t let you go till the end. I really enjoy seeing parts of myself in the characters. I have also learned through reading the naughty books lately that I have a bit of a submissive side, and my attraction is to the strong alpha male cowboy with a touch of Dom in his back pocket. 🙂 If only I could put in an order for that kinda man.

avatar Leigh



I work in the corporate world during the day, but at night (or in waiting rooms, or anytime I have a second to myself when my two young children aren’t stalking me) I have my nose buried in the digital equivalent of a book.

From the time I was in my young teens and found a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss’ “The Flame and the Flower” on my mother’s bookshelf, I have been in love with romance novels.  My interest started with historical period stories, but over the years I’ve found my tastes leaning towards darker and more erotic novels. Give me anything with a good BDSM or ménage story line and I am all over it!  I love books with the tattooed motorcycle club members, the bad boy billionaires, or the dark and broody Doms.  And the more the better!  Throw in a little bit of M/M and I’m a happy girl. Every time my husband sees me staring at my iPad intently, he’ll ask “Is it a cowboy/undercover cop or two tattooed fireman today?”

Yes, please Sir.  Either way, I’ll enjoy the fantasy.  Hope you find a book here to help you escape into yours!


Paige Turner


I’m a forty-something, wife, to my high school sweetie, and mother to our very active six year boy.

I have been a book lover all my life but became a crazy book junkie when I received an iPad five years ago.   You’ll never see me without my ipad, Kindle, smartphone or a paperback book.

I’ll read any in the name of romance. My recipe for a perfect novel is a kinky Alpha-cowboy, who served his country and is forced into a marriage of convenience to save the family ranch.   Cowboys are my weakness.

And of course it should have a Happy Ever After.

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Java Girl


I’ve been a reader all my life, even before I could actually read. My mom said I would memorize the books that she read to me, something my own daughter did too! As a child, I read anything I could get my hands on, but my favorite authors were Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Beverly Cleary. I read my first romance, Jan Cox Speas’ Bride of the MacHugh, when I was 14 and have had a weakness for Scots accents and men in kilts ever since. I love romance, but I also read mysteries, thrillers/suspense, and literary fiction.

I’m married, the mother of two young adult women, and I own and operate a coffee house, which keeps me pretty busy. These days I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like, but I try to read a little each day, even if it’s just a few pages. If I don’t read,my day just isn’t complete.

Reading, and especially my love of romance books, has lead me to meeting some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Even though we’re spread out across the globe, we’re connected through our mutual love of reading, especially romance. I’ve been introduced to many new authors by some of their book recommendations. I hope that my reviews will introduce readers to a new favorite author or book.




I have been a total bookworm since I was a child. Love getting lost in the stories and playing out the movies they create (in my head) while I read. I live in Southern California with my husband, of 15 years and two beautiful, energetic daughters, an 11 year old dancer and piano player and a 3 year old aficionado of anything pink and fluffy. My favorite thing to do when I am not with family is to lose myself in a bookstore/library/old book shop. There is nothing like finding the perfect book that you know is a keeper. Even with eBooks, I still have to buy actual paper books every now and again just to feel the pages crinkle as I read. When I am not working or being Mom, I am an avid U.S. Football (GO CHARGERS – please don’t judge me) and Aussie Rules Football fanatic (YAY SYDNEY SWANS!!). Enjoy NASCAR, hockey, anything country…and reading, reading, reading!!

Read and the world is yours for the taking…




I am a book loving fool! Between dealing with life and family, books are my sanctuary from the nonsense.

I love a good love story. I blame Disney and John Hughes movies for always wanting a HEA ending.

My favorite part of the book is the epilogue because it gives you a glimpse into the couple after they have found each other. My author crushes (aka I stalk them): Kristen Ashley, Kristen Proby, Lani Lynn Vale, Kelly Elliott, Harper Sloan and Aurora Rose Reynolds to name a few. I used to spend all my money on purses and shoes but now it all goes to books! Books are a journey and opportunity to learn new experiences through the eyes of talented authors.




Little about me, I am a business owner by day and the rest of my time is spent with my son.  In between all of this chaos, not that my son is chaos, I take a break and get lost in the world of books.  I was not an avid reader when I was younger; actually I hated reading and was considered a great speed-reader, only read what I needed to.  I started reading romance when I moved away from home in my mid 20’s and didn’t know anyone where I moved to, so I started reading romance books and it took off from there.  Since I am single, still looking for my alpha man, I love picking up a book and getting lost in it.

I am enjoying the GP group, have met some great people here and I’m finding authors and books I normally wouldn’t have picked to read and loving it.  I find that I have a naughty side and an inner tiger just looking to get out.  Happy reading and getting lost with your book boyfriends 🙂


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A little about me….I live in the Midwest with my high school sweetheart and our children. By day I work with children and use reading as my time to unwind at the end of the day. Reading is my escape and you will never find me without a kindle(s) or paperback at anytime during my day. I love being able to fall into a great book and climb out hours later. I will read just about anything with a happily ever after, however my favorites are historical romance and western romances. Until a couple of years ago, reading was an occasional interest of mine; it’s safe to say my love for reading has deepened and it’s now a necessity for each day.

Reviewing for Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews has introduced me to many new authors, new genres and new friends. I enjoy being part of the review team and all of the new experiences it has brought into my life.



Rosalie Belle myAvatar-11

Rosalie Belle

I’m a mom of three that loves to read. I remember my older sister teaching me how to read, at 3 years old, and I haven’t stopped since.

My favorite thing in the world is a book in my hand, preferably on the beach 😉  Free time is very sparse, but I will enjoy my reading every chance I get. I have met, and fell in love with, many authors through this amazing blog, and made lifelong friends!






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