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Welcome to the Guilty Pleasures Chat roll! We will have occasional chats with authors, book discussions, vent, motivate and just for fun!!!   I
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CARI SILVERWOOD will be chatting live about her new release ROUGH SURRENDER, Saturday, 6/9/12, 8:00 PM, EST.

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  1. Ok I’m new to this site I just found it while googling a few favorite authors… Here is my question.
    I have fallen in love with a few authors but I have read all their books and I am looking for someone new. I really like Lorelei James, Kirsten Osbourne,Michele De Winton,R.L. Mathewson and Bella Andre. Now I find myself surfing Nook books and can not find anything to read… I want something that is more that 40 pages. I really like series books so the story continues on… Can you help me? PLEASE

    1. Hi Donna. Thank you for stopping by. Have you tried Marie Force, Julie Ann Walker, Christy Reece, Kristen Ashley? Do you prefer only erotic? Do you like BDSM romances? If you are interested in any of the authors I named enter their name in our search box to look at our reviews. You can also go to reviews on our menu bar and it will drop down, you can click on reviews by genre.

      1. Thank you Didi.. I’m looking these up now.. I like some BDSM but I’m not into Dominance or submission.. I can’t get into the master and slave thing. lol I think I’m too strong willed to like it. I would have to hurt a man that told me to sit in a corner and wait for him to “tell me what he willl allow me to do”…. lol the 50 shades I read just didn’t like the D/M. If you can think of anyone else I would appreciate any help you have..
        Thank you…

  2. Donna,
    There is also Kali Willows, Sylvia Day (I just finished one of her books “Bared To You” AWESOME MUST READ) Cherise Sinclair, Ann Mayburn, Donnya-Lynne, Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond, April Dani….I could go on. LOL. Although if you’re not into the D/s side you might want to avoid Cherise Sinclair, she write predominantly BDSM. I hope this helped.

  3. Some others to try: Sophie Oak, Leah Brooke, Olivia Cunning, Shiloh Walker,Lauren Dane, Shelly Laurenston (very funny, mainly shifters), Mari Carr, Jo Davis,Lora Leigh, Maya Banks and more. I love Cherise Sinclair and I don’t think you’ll find the D/s stuff too strong, but I might be wrong. All of these write very erotic books. If you like a little less eroticism, there’s Linda Howard, Jane Ann Krentz, Linda Lael Miller, and many more. I know folks on a lot of my lists like Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Laurann Doher

    1. Donna, a few other favorite authors are Jaci Burton and Shayla Black. Very light on the BDSM if any at all, but they are excellent writers. Good luck. Let us know who you end up reading next and thanks for stopping by.

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