Feb 12

Guest Blog & Giveaway – Giving Love Another Shot Christie Craig

Christie Craig’s Divorced and Desperate series is one of my all time favorite series. A feel good romance that is guaranteed to make me laugh and smile! ~ DiDi, Guilty Pleasures

Christie is giving away a Born to Read T-shirt, and an e-copy of one of the other books to one person who leaves a post.




Giving Love Another Shot

Ever been through the Big “D?”  And as the country western song so elegantly puts it, I don’t mean Dallas.  I’m talking about divorce—that life-altering place where your heart feels like chicken liver that got run through the garbage disposal . . . not once, but twice.  That empty place where being lonely feels better, or at least safer, than risking your soul again.  Unfortunately, far too many of us can say we’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore the T-shirt, burnt the T-shirt along with a few of the ex’s pictures.

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Feb 12

Flashback Friday Review – My Gigolo by Molly Burkhart

Sweet, sassy, fun and sexy My Gigolo is an absolute delight to read and while a bit unusual, a perfect romance. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

FlashBack Friday
When a good man is hard to find, there’s only one thing left to do. Buy one. As far as Gabrielle is concerned, her life isn’t at all a mess. It’s simply taught her a hard lesson—never rely on anyone else for her own happiness. It’s not that she’s against having sex. Far from it. It’s just that if it comes with strings tied to the word “love”, she’ll pass. Now if only she could stop her sister and friends from trying to show her the error of her solitary ways. Especially after their latest trick—hiring a male prostitute for her birthday. In all his time as a male escort, Jack’s never met anyone as intriguing as down-to-earth Gabe. Or as determined to refuse his charms. She has no idea whom she’s dealing with, though. Jack’s a consummate professional in all aspects of his chosen field. Including coercion. One minute, Gabe is agreeing to a night of no-strings sex. The next, she’s staring up at a man who turns her body and soul inside out. Jack is staring down at a woman he can’t imagine never seeing again. Both are suddenly aware there are only two ways this could end: a match made in heaven…or sheer disaster. Warning: Explicit sex, illegal sexual practices, zombies, a clown, and the strangest mini-golf course ever conceived.

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Feb 12

Review – To Have and to Master (Masters Unleashed #3) by Sparrow Beckett

Konstantin is my dream Dom…like a handsome big-bad-wolf. Yummy! ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures

Tired of his mother bugging him to marry a nice girl from the old country, Konstantin agrees to meet her friend’s daughter when she’s shipped over from rural Russia.

Naturally obedient and submissive, Varushka is everything Konstantin wants in a woman. The fact that she’s so naive and easily scandalized arouses him but makes him feel guilty. Training the girl to be his slave quickly becomes a compulsion.

Varushka is confused by a lot of things in America, especially by her future husband and his sexual depravity. Sinister and captivating, Konstantin introduces her to many fascinating perversions, and his care and attention wins her complete devotion. However, when her father finds out about Konstantin’s past, he whisks her back home. Will Varushka’s Master give chase to reclaim her, or will he allow her father to marry her off to a more respectable man?

Review copy provided for an honest review

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Feb 12

Review – Black River Pack Series Box Set (Black River Pack #1-3) by Rochelle Paige

This series will leave you breathless and wanting more. Tears, joy, angst, and hotness are with each flip of a page in this series! ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures

Meet the Tate brothers… and the mates fate has in store for them.

Crying Wolf
Grace Shaw is on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend who refuses to believe their relationship is over. He’s a cop and is willing to use police resources to track her down. So Grace comes up with a plan and tricks his fellow brothers in blue into thinking he is crying wolf a couple of times when he’s reported her missing. Little does she know she’ll go running into the arms of a real wolf when she finally makes her escape for real.

She just wants to be left alone, but then she meets Hunter Tate – the alpha of the Black River Pack. Grace tries to hold Hunter at arm’s length, but there’s just no reasoning with an alpha male werewolf who insists she’s his mate.

Shoot for the Moon
Eliza Reve knows that her ability to dream of future events sets her apart from others. Her gift became a curse when she wasn’t able to save her mother or the alpha’s son and she found herself exiled – a lone wolf. When she joins the Black River Pack, Eliza vows never to reveal her talent to anyone. Not even the man who has walked in her dreams for years.

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Feb 11

ARC Review & Book Tour – Until September by Chris Scully

Until September is a sweet M/M romance that showed that opposites attract and love can conquer all. ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures


Hello! I’m Chris Scully. I’m thrilled to welcome you to my Until September blog tour! Join me at various tour stops, where I’ll be sharing some of the background of this novel, my thoughts on writing, and more. Comment on each stop to be entered in a drawing for a $20 Riptide gift certificate. Thanks for joining me on the tour!

As a teenager, Archie Noblesse clawed his way out of the poverty, heartache, and abuse of the reservation and left his family behind. Desperate to shake the shadow of his past, he reinvents himself as Archer Noble, an outspoken blogger and controversial author who lives only for himself. But when his beloved sister dies, Archer is saddled with guardianship of his niece and nephew.

Elementary school teacher Ryan Eriksson is devastated when his best friend Marguerite is killed, leaving her two young children orphaned. Helping Archer with his new responsibilities eases his grief, but when Archer offers him custody of the children, Ryan’s left with an impossible choice: get the family he’s always wanted, or respect Margie’s wishes and convince Archer to give parenting—and his heritage—a chance.

To buy time, Ryan promises to stay for the summer, hoping that Archer will change his mind and fall for the kids. But Archer’s reluctant, and the growing attraction between him and Ryan complicates matters. Legal decisions must be made, and soon, before Ryan returns to school. But with hearts involved, more than just the children’s future is on the line.

Review copy provided for an honest review

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Feb 11

ARC Review – Into the Fire (The Texan Quartet #4) by Claire Boston

I was very happy with how this book ended and it effectively wrapped up this series in a truly wonderful way. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

25950314 (1)Description:
Piper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon, but her latest interview candidate is more than just a headline.

Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues, and in Houston, Texas, there are plenty to go around. In the city’s high-end restaurant world, reclusive Native American chef Taima Woods is discussed in reverential whispers, so when the opportunity to interview him arrives, Piper jumps at it.

But getting to Tai is tougher than she expected. He has a deep mistrust of reporters, and a private life he’d prefer to keep hidden. There are two passions in Tai’s life—his cooking and his tribe—and he means to keep it that way. But the closer Tai gets to Piper, the closer he comes to conceding a third.

Through Tai, Piper discovers a world she knew nothing about—a damaged and ostracized community in need of a voice. But the more Piper wants to help them, the more Tai understands that to love Piper is to turn his back on his people.

Will Tai reject the one woman who’s ever understood him? Or can Piper show him that hardening his heart helps no one?

Review copy provided for an honest review

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