Kitty’s Review – Playing House (Sydney Smoke Rugby #5) by Amy Andrews

What a delightful book Playing House was. It was full of surprises and two of the most lovable people that will make you smile throughout the story. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Eleanor is content with her boring life—mostly. She’s even fine being the quirky sister in a bevy of beauties. So imagine her surprise when one of her brother’s Sydney Smoke mates hits on her at an engagement party. Her. The weird sister, who wears vintage dresses and prefers her books to parties.

Bodie is shocked the next morning to find the soft, sexy virgin who seduced him with corsets is his best friend’s little sister. If he could kick his own ass, he would. And two months later, she’s got an even bigger surprise for him. Now he needs to convince the corset-loving wallflower that he loves her uniqueness if they’ve got a chance at forever.

He always did love a challenge…

What a delightful book Playing House was. It was full of surprises and two of the most lovable people that will make you smile throughout the story. Amy Andrews did a beautiful job of bringing two totally different people together showing that opposites do attract.

Eleanor was a delight to read. She was a quirky, 26 year old virgin in a sea of the “beautiful” people. She loved the 19th century and was looking for her own Mr. Darcy to sweep her off of her feet. There is no way any one of the Sydney Smoke would even look twice at her.

Bodie is enthralled with the beautiful woman standing in the corner looking like a wallflower. There was just something about her. She wasn’t here looking at his bank balance, wanting to say that she slept with one of the Smoke. He knew there was something different about her and really wanted to get to know her. But, her line about hypnotizing a lion in the 19th century was one of the cutest thing he ever heard. One beautiful night together ends with a note when she tells him who she really is. Bodie knows he broke the Bro Code but, he had no idea. Now, he can’t even look his best friend in the face. What’s worse is that he can’t stop thinking about her or wanting her.

A phone call, a poker night, the truth. Now, Bodie really needs to make some decisions and he hopes that Eleanor goes along with his plan. She may have dropped a bombshell on him but, he couldn’t be happier. He now has a reason and a chance to be with the woman he fell in love with. Eleanor needs to decide if she wants to be daring and take a chance on Brodie or run and hide. She has to figure out if he is making these plans out of responsibility or if there is more. She needs to look really close at all the possibilities and problems.

I smiled and I cried throughout this story. There were really sweet moments and then the hard ones. But, through it all, Amy Andrews made this a really enjoyable book. She wrote a beautiful woman in Nell and a man who wasn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve in Brodie. And, the ending … dear lord, it was so romantic, so endearing … you couldn’t help but be amazed and fall head over heels for this couple.

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2 thoughts on “Kitty’s Review – Playing House (Sydney Smoke Rugby #5) by Amy Andrews

  1. I love Amy Andrews. She writes wonderfully. I just read her Mr. Nice Guy and since there is only two in that series. I have to start another one. Looks like it will be this one!

    Great review!


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