Kitty & Leigh’s Two-fer Review – Man Candy (Real Love #3) by Jessica Lemmon

Sexy and fun, a romance sweet as candy. ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures 

Dax: After spending the summer buried up to my eyeballs in my family’s affairs, I’m ready for a break. The kind of break where I can spend two solid weeks camping and fishing in the company of absolutely no one. Then I find myself directly in the path of a drop-dead gorgeous tornado by the name of Becca Stone. Who can resist a night with a damsel in distress? Especially when she happens to be a leggy blonde? The last thing I expect is for Becca to show up on my cabin doorstep the next night, shivering in the rain and ready for seconds.

Becca: One minute I’m admiring the rock-hard jaw of the Magic Mike lookalike who walks into my bar, and the next I’m getting fired by my own brother. Loudly. In front of everyone. Luckily Dax Vaughn is a gentleman who aims his white-hot smile at me. Oh, it’s on. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Then a torrential storm washes out the main road and causes a massive power outage, giving us two whole weeks to enjoy each other’s company. At which point Dax will go back home, leaving “us” in the rearview mirror. That’s the plan. Or it was . . . until I started falling for him.

This was my first Jessica Lemmon book, and I thought it was adorable. It wasn’t until I was finished that I realized this was actually the third book in a series, but I didn’t miss anything by not reading those first. I will certainly go back and check them out now that I know about them! But the story itself was a stand-alone, with the prior characters only coming in at the end as an afterthought.

Man Candy focuses on the relationship between Dax and Becca. What was supposed to be a one night stand, and then a two-night fling morphed into a vacation-long affair when a storm strands Dax and Becca together at the resort where she works. But soon, the decision to live in the moment and not explore the past or future comes back to bite each of them as they realize they want to learn more about the other.

I thought Dax was amazing. He was smart, driven, sexy, and somehow managed to have a close and sweet relationship with his mother without being a “mamma’s boy”. I enjoyed reading him and watching his feelings for Becca grow. It was interesting to have it be the man, for a change, growing frustrated because he wanted more of a commitment. I found him to be adorable and I just wanted to jump into the story and cuddle up with him in a sleeping bag!

Becca took a little longer to get me to warm up though. She initially came across as flighty, and until we got a better look at what made her the way she was, I found myself getting frustrated by her. She seemed like a woman that didn’t want to commit to ANYTHING, simply because it would require consistency on her part. But, the more we saw of her, it was easy to recognize her failure to commit as fear.

I will admit that there came a point in the story where I wanted to smack them both for being frustrating and causing me angst while I read about both of them being too stubborn to go after what they really wanted. But overall, the story was sexy and fun, and romance sweet as candy.

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Man Candy had me at the “Magic Mike” look-alike comment. Jessica Lemmon amused me with this tale of a one-night-stand gone awry. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

So, Man Candy had me at the “Magic Mike” look-alike comment. Jessica Lemmon amused me with this tale of a one-night-stand gone awry. Now, I will warn you … there’s sex – a lot of sex, but there is a love story built into the time Dax and Becca are stuck in the cabin together.

Dax is sexy, secure and on a mission to spend a week in the woods … alone. After a trying few months, he just wants to fish, sleep under the stars and get his head on straight. He never thought that the beautiful woman who just got fired in front of everyone would be warming his bed or his sleeping bag. Anything more than that is not in the cards for him. Now, he has to tell his heart that.

Becca was a wee bit insecure and a whole lot flighty. She also could not help herself when it came to Dax. She’s a one-night-stand girl but once wasn’t enough for her when it came to Dax. She knows she’s not one for a relationship since she can’t decide what she wants in life never mind who she wants. None of her relationships had staying power so she knows that this is nothing but a one-week-stand. She’s having problems telling her heart not to fall in love with a man that doesn’t even live in the same town as her. And, it’s not like he’s going to ask her to move to Ohio.

As the week progresses and Becca’s brother becomes more of an ass that what he was in the beginning, Dax can’t help but do everything in his power to convince her that she is worth more than what she or her brother give her credit for. It works. Now, the ball is in her court. Time for her to decide what she really wants … the Grand Lark Retreat or him.

I truly enjoyed Man Candy. It had a little bit of heart-ache, heart-break and a whole lot of love. There were times I wanted to talk some sense into Becca and times I wanted to tell Dax that he was worth taking a chance on. But, in the end, they both realized just what they had for that week, how much they opened up to the other and how wonderful life would be if they went through it side-by-side.

Jessica Lemmon knows how to tell a story and keep the reader invested in it. She knows how to write interesting characters. And, oh boy, does she know how to write a good sex scene. And, this is a stand-alone! So, put on the soundtrack to Magic Mike, picture a gruffier Channing Tatum, sit back and enjoy Man Candy.

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