Amanda’s Review – The Rogue Is Back in Town (The Wayward Wallflowers #3) by Anna Bennett

Anna Bennett goes out on a high note with her latest installment and delights this reader with a wonderful romance. ~ Amanda, Guilty Pleasures 

Hide your daughters and your maiden aunts…Lord Samuel Travis is back.
―The London Hearsay, special society edition

Equal parts scoundrel and seducer, he’s returned to London determined to mend the rift with his older brother. All Sam must do is take possession of a tumbledown town house. A seemingly simple task, except the house is occupied—by an infuriating, whip-smart beauty who refuses to do his bidding.

Miss Juliette Lacey’s wallflower days are over. She has a plan to turn her eccentric family into the toast of the ton—but the devilishly handsome rake trying to oust them from their home thwarts her at every turn. How can one man be so vexing and make her simmer with desire?

As her attraction to Sam deepens, Julie’s problems grow—she may have, once upon a time, secretly shared a kiss with his honorable older brother. Suddenly, Julie’s caught between a rogue and a marquess, between passion and respectability. Torn between two brothers, what’s a girl to do?

The Rogue is Back in Town is the final book in the Wayward Wallflowers series and goes out on a high note. I have loved reading about each of the 3 Lacey sisters on how they went from wallflowers to finding their true love. Juliette is the last and the youngest and is holding out on finding a husband because she wants the love and passion that her sisters have found themselves. For now, she lives with her uncle in the old townhouse and is in no hurry to find such a man. How she meets Sam puts and interesting twist on a cute meet when he comes to evict her and her uncle from their premises.

Samuel Travis has returned to England and wants to build a relationship with his brother Nigel. Nigel tells him he can start by doing his bidding by removing the occupants from a property he owns. Sam didn’t really have much choice in the matter considering he was thrown out of the house and was told not to come back until the deed is done. Sam pushes his way into Juliette’s home and plans to wait it out until she comes to her senses and leaves. Juliette has no intention of giving up her home and plans to prove the home is hers. Things heat up a bit when those fighting words spark an attraction between Sam and Juliette and neither one of them want to fight or deny this chemistry.

Juliette strives to be independent and wants to work this problem out for herself and not get her sisters or their husbands involved in the present situation. She also finds herself in a bind being torn between two brothers. She originally fancied herself in love with older brother Nigel, but it turns out that Sam is the one that sparks her to life. Over the course of the story she sees a difference between the brothers. How they are both seen by society and what they truly are like night and day. Juliette needs to decide who she really wants and how to convince him of that.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and how easily it flowed. It captured my interest and I just couldn’t put it down. It had all the right elements of a good story, from the villain to the eccentric uncle, small cameos from the sisters, and a sensual romance for the main characters. It was a delight to read and I recommend it to historical romance readers that they would absolutely enjoy it.

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