Slick’s Review – Any Given Snow Day by Marie Harte

Fun, intelligent, snarky, and a side of sexy, Any Given Day was a fabulous holiday romance. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Ex-NFL star + snarky single mom = a touchdown of a holiday romance

After two Super Bowl rings, MVP status, and retiring from the NFL while still on top, Mitch “Flash” Flashman’s millions should make life at the ripe old age of thirty-five a blessing. Yet he’s restless, rudderless, and can’t tell up from down. Roped into helping his brother coach a bunch of teenagers, Mitch finds himself playing defense against the many women in town wanting his attention. Except for one particular woman who doesn’t seem to like him much. Becca Bragg is mouthy, vulnerable, and sexy, and she captivates Mitch despite himself. But Mitch has no time for a sexy single mom when he’s still trying to figure out who he really is. With the playoffs, a boy’s future, and his own heart on the line, he’ll need to figure out how to pull the ultimate victory—winning Becca’s heart and keeping it. For good.

Marie Harte offers up a small town romance set around the holidays from October through December in Any Given Snow Day. A single mother with a teenage son and the town’s newest resident, a retired at 35 star NFL player, find each other amid small town gossip, her memories of her late husband, her son’s attitude and hero worship, and his need to find some way to deal with his new life. Fun, intelligent, snarky, and a side of sexy, Any Given Day was a fabulous holiday romance.

There was so much I loved about this book including the hero Mitch “Flash” Flashman who honestly didn’t like his celebrity status and tried hard to just be a regular citizen of Hope’s Turn, Oregon. It was interesting watching him come to terms with his new life, realizing his passion, and falling in love with not only a woman, but her teenage son as well. I liked that he didn’t have everything figured out despite having fame and fortune and that he found peace helping his brother coach the town’s high school football team and mentoring the boys especially Simon.

Ever since her husband died seven years ago, Becca Bragg has worked hard to be both mom and dad to her son, Simon and make her tea shop a success. She loves both her son and her shop and while she has dated some, she hasn’t met anyone who comes close to what she had with her late husband until Mitch and what she believes is his giant ego saunters into her life.

This book was fun, spontaneous, and there was something refreshing about this single mom making the first big move at a really interesting time. On top of that, I loved that Becca wasn’t impressed by Mitch’s celebrity, his money or what he could do for her, in fact she hated that they were not on the same playing field when it came to finances. All of those things were the reasons Mitch enjoyed Becca because she was real and honest, almost to a fault as was her son. Simon played a bit part in this book because he realized long before they both did that there was something brewing between them and he worked hard to make sure they had time together for just the two of them. More than that though, Simon made sure Mitch was a good man in life with a little help from his friends.

While there were a few moments of doubt and a few arguments, overall they did a good job of communicating especially when given a nudge from friends and relatives.

I loved this charming holiday story!

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