Amanda’s Review – The Pines of Winder Ranch: A Cold Creek Homecoming\A Cold Creek Reunion (Cowboys of Cold Creek #5 & 10) by RaeAnne Thayne

A well written, sweet story of reuniting two former lovers and a very nice happy ending. ~ Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

Come home to Winder Ranch in these two beloved stories, where broken hearts can find exactly what they need to heal–and love againA COLD CREEK HOMECOMINGWhen Quinn Southerland returns home to Winder Ranch, Idaho, to find former high school queen bee Tess Claybourn serving as his dying mother’s hospice nurse, he’s far from pleased. But recently widowed Tess has done a lot of growing up since then. And as the two reconnect, she can’t help but wonder if there’s room in Quinn’s tortured heart for forgiveness–and maybe even love…A COLD CREEK REUNIONAfter Taft Bowman lost his parents ten years ago, he buried himself in a grief that shut fiancee Laura Pendleton out completely. But now she’s back, recently widowed with two kids in tow, and Taft refuses to let her slip away again. Laura just wants a fresh start, but that’s easier said than done when seeing Taft stirs up feelings she thought she’d left in the past…

My copy from NetGalley was for A Cold Creek Reunion only.

RaeAnne Thayne has created a second chance love story for two people who belong together. 10 years ago, they were engaged and all hell happened when his parents were murdered. Taft Bowman couldn’t handle his grief and shut his fiancé Laura Pendleton out. Laura didn’t handle it well either and broke off the engagement and moved to Spain. Laura is back in town with 2 young children and plans to start fresh after a disastrous marriage and the death of her husband. Taft and Laura both fought their feelings but their love couldn’t be denied this time around.

Grief can be experienced in so many ways and for Taft it was self-destructive. Taft wallowed in his despair and became somewhat of a player with the local ladies. He eventually realized the path he was on and changed his ways and became the fire chief for the town’s fire department. He was doing good until he saw Laura was back in town. He thought he got over his feelings but obviously there was something still there between them. Before they became lovers, they were good friends for years. He missed his friend Laura. I liked Taft. He was a good man and needed to show Laura he was a changed man and could be counted on. He was nothing like her dead husband and needed to show her how they could be good together. Taft was someone who could love her and her children and love them as if they were his own.

Laura was hard to understand in the beginning but eventually she won me over. I thought she took things to the extreme by moving to another country after she broke off her engagement instead of sticking it out a little longer for Taft. Dealing with her husband’s infidelities can shake anyone’s confidence. She didn’t know Taft well enough after being gone for 10 years to see if he had truly changed his ways. When she and Taft got together you can feel the heat between them coming off the pages. When they were alone and they start to kiss, you knew that feelings were being rekindled. To love someone means trusting and believing in that person. It took some time but Laura finally realized she could do that with Taft and have the love she’s always wanted.

Overall it was a well written, sweet story of reuniting two former lovers and a very nice happy ending. The author created very likable characters and 2 very adorable children you can’t help but fall in love with. She also developed some interesting secondary characters in which I’m looking forward to their stories as well. RaeAnne Thayne is a favorite author of mine and this was another enjoyable read.

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  1. AWW!!! This book sounds so wonderful here, I love this author so much. She writes some great second chance stories and her characters are always so likable. Now I can’t wait to read this one here.

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