Slick & Autry’s Two-fer Review – Taking a Chance (Whisper Creek #6) by Maggie McGinnis

Sometimes a messy romance can turn out to be beautiful and that’s exactly what happens in Taking A Chance by Maggie McGinnis. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

A fun-loving troublemaker gives a workaholic Southern gal a real taste of Montana magic at the one and only Whisper Creek Ranch.

A rising star in the corporate world, Emma Winthrop enjoys the view from her cubicle in sunny Florida. But when she’s dispatched to a nursing home in Whisper Creek for three months of field experience, she discovers a slice of heaven made of mountains and mayhem—mostly in the form of rugged, drop-dead gorgeous Jasper Stone, who grinds his specialty beans at the town’s best coffee shop in between organizing dodge-ball games and wheelchair races in Emma’s hallways.

When Jasper walks in on this beautiful angel in silky purple underwear trying to rinse out her blouse, it’s a breathtaking view—even for a Montana native. Wreaking havoc here at Shady Acres keeps his dad in good spirits, but getting under Emma’s skin is proving to be even more fun. Jasper knows that he’s falling faster than a man with his past has any right to, but his body and his heart have a mind of their own. And Emma appears to be claiming both.

I have loved Maggie McGinnis’ Whisper Creek series from the start and I’m thrilled that she has expanded the series to include some of the area’s beloved characters. I loved this story of two damaged individuals finding love when they least expect it and need it the most.

Instead of a promotion Emma Winthrop is sent to Montana to fill in for a nursing home director who will be out on medical for several months. While Emma loves her work in the home office despite many of her ideas being shot down by her immediate boss, she has no idea how to run a center or how to live where the snow will be flying soon but she’s determined to do the best job she can do and secure her promotion when she returns.

Jasper Stone loves Carefree, Montana and his shop Java Beans, the move from California has been good for him and his father who is a resident of Shady Acres and in the early stages of dementia. Jasper is known for his playful nature and his willingness to help everyone in town.

What I loved about this book was on the outside it seemed like a sweet, charming, fun little love story but as this story unfolds it becomes much deeper when we learn that both Emma and Jasper have some deep seeded issues. I loved the slow burn between them and that despite some missteps along the way; they found their way back to one another after some soul searching and a bit of outside help from their friends at Whisper Creek ranch.

Sometimes a messy romance can turn out to be beautiful and that’s exactly what happens in Taking A Chance by Maggie McGinnis.

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Jasper and Emma are two souls who need a chance to start over, free from the confines of the office and away from the weights holding them down. Taking a Chance is one of my favorite novels for this year! ~ Autry, Guilty Pleasures 

Jasper has a little bit of a rebellious side that draws the attention of the director in Shady Acres. Known for his crazy ways of keeping the residents entertained and motivated to be active, Jasper gets by with more than he should. Until the temporary director steps in, Emma is a rule follower to the core. Unable to shake off impending doom at being thrust into this position on a short notice, Emma needs all the help she can get.

After a crushing blow to his personal life, Jasper uproots and heads to Carefee, moving his father with him. Finding the change of pace he was looking for Jasper is learning to enjoy life to the fullest. Emma is still trying to accept that she will never be the overachiever her parents wished her to be. Finding true acceptance in the Carefree allows Emma to follow her heart.

I cannot explain how much I loved this book; it had me from page one. Watching Emma break out of her shell and truly experience a little fun was great. They both had emotional trauma in the past they were trying to work through, I was so relieved to see that Emma stayed and worked through it, it added another level of maturity to the developing relationship. The chemistry was perfect, between Jasper and Emma along with the other couples. McGinnis’ secondary characters were icing on the cake, the plot was smoothly flowing and kept me interest throughout the novel. This was my first read in the Whisper Creek Series and will not be my last, I have one-clicked previously released novels and am anxiously awaiting more!


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