Slick’s Review – Studmuffin Santa by Tawna Fenske

All the humor I’ve come to expect from this author mixed with some sensual sexiness and a dash of Christmas magic made Studmuffin Santa a great holiday read! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Brandon Brown is the unlikeliest Santa ever to don a red velvet suit.
His abs are more cheese grater than bowl full of jelly, and deploying to Syria is the closest he’s come to the North Pole. But family drama sends the jaded Marine home for the holidays, and lands him an unexpected gig as a part-time Santa.
Jade King is hustling to get Jingle Bell Reindeer Ranch off the ground, and she’s not thrilled her sister hired a Santa with sex-appeal. The last thing Jade wants is a beefcake circus, and guys like Brandon bring sleigh-loads of trouble. But Studmuffin Santa proves more popular than anyone dreamed, drawing hordes of happy kids, lusty moms, and a mystery foe hell-bent on wrecking it all.
The threat has Brandon playing protector for the reindeer and their sexy keeper, which is risky for a guy who’s sworn off happy endings and the whole Christmas mess. But as Jade and Brandon bond over Santa suit malfunctions and risqué Christmas cookies, they find they have more in common than a craving for gingerbread. Can they find a way to mesh their wish lists, or will ghosts of Christmas past bring things crashing down like a fat man in a cast iron sleigh?

There is always something so satisfying about a book where an unrequited crush turns into a relationship years later and Tawna Fenske does it up well in Studmuffin Santa. This book was fun and sexy, but it also had a serious side making it a well rounded story.

Jade King and her sister, Amber, are doing everything they can to make Jingle Bell Reindeer Ranch successful not only during the holiday season but year round. So Jade is taken by surprise when the man Amber hires to play Santa is her high school crush, the quarterback hero, and now a Marine home on leave, Brandon Brown. What Jade doesn’t know is Amber has asked Brandon to not only play Santa but to act as security because of some problems they’ve had around the ranch in the last month or so.

I loved that Brandon admired Jade from the start for her work ethic, her quit wit, and her intellect. Sure he found her attractive and interesting, but it was obvious he liked her as a person. He didn’t remember her from high school but he was a couple of years older and they didn’t exactly run in the same circles. It was fun to watch Jade interact with the man who she crushed on as a teenager and while Brandon never tormented her during high school, his friends did which at times makes her question him and his actions. Ms. Fenske does a respectable job of showing the toll bullying takes on a person even years after and despite how successful they become.

The relationship builds at a respectable pace and despite being interrupted several times they do manage to finally spend some quality sexy time together.

Both Jade’s sister and Brandon’s cousins had minor but pivotal roles in this book so I’m eager to see what happens next in this series.

All the humor I’ve come to expect from this author mixed with some sensual sexiness and a dash of Christmas magic made Studmuffin Santa a great holiday read!

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