Slick’s Review – Out of Reach (Winter Rescue #3) by Tamara Morgan

A man who seems to have no fear and a woman who fears everything find common ground in this crazy, intense, May-December romance from Tamara Morgan. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

Max Stafford lives on the edge.

When it comes to mountain rescues, Max is the man everyone wants on their side. The brave and bearded DILF is willing to climb virtually anywhere to save the day. No peak is too high; no crevasse too low. Unless, of course, it comes to his seven-year-old daughter. She’s the one thing he’s unwilling to put at risk.

Elena Villanova is scared of her own shadow.

Anxiety is a way of life for Elena, but it’s a way of life she’s learned to embrace. So what if she can’t board a plane or snowshoe through the forest? She’s great at being a nanny for the Stafford family. She’s even better at loving Max, even if the hot older man refuses to see past her age. With two weeks of isolation at a remote mountain cabin planned for the holidays, she’ll have all the time she needs to prove him wrong. But with a storm coming and danger on the horizon, time might be the one thing they don’t have.

I don’t think author Tamara Morgan could have picked to more different people as the hero and heroine in her latest book in the Winter Rescue series, Out of Reach; a man who seems to have no fear and a woman who fears everything find common ground in this crazy, intense, May-December romance.

Max Stafford has always lived his life a bit on the edge; an esteemed mountaineer and a member of a search and rescue team, Max loves the high stakes and adrenaline rush that comes with the territory. However, Max is scared of his daughter’s nanny, a woman much too young for him who while afraid of everything has told his ex-wife and him that he is everything she wants in a man and he has no clue how he can handle spending two weeks with her and his seven year old daughter in a remote cabin for two weeks.

Elena Villanova doesn’t remember a time that her life was riddled by her anxieties, but she accepts them and doesn’t try to hide them from anyone including Tina, the seven year old she is nanny to and she has no qualms about letting Tina see how nervous she is about spending two weeks in a small cabin with her and her father, but she also intends to be prepared in every way including getting Max to see her as a woman and not a child.
For someone who is basically afraid of her own shadow I had to give Elena a lot of credit for not only facing her fears, but for doing so with an amazing attitude. I loved that while there were some things she wouldn’t consider (like flying on an airplane), every day she left her home and went out into a world where she knew things could harm or even kill her.

Elena is smart, she has her master’s degree in child psychology and while she knows there is nothing in her background to make her so riddled by anxiety she also knows she can’t cure it, so she’s spent her life living it as best she can and always preparing for the worst. Her relationship with Tina was special and most of all it was teaching Tina about acceptance and tolerance of people who are different something I think both of her parents agreed wasn’t a bad thing. Max was a bit harder to get to know, but it was evident that he was willing to do anything for his daughter including giving up the mountaineering that makes him feel alive to please his ex-wife and get to spend more time with his daughter. What I loved was that Max saw Elena as strong, something she didn’t see in herself and Elena understood that part of Max was dying because of the constraints his ex-wife and for all intensive purposes her employer was putting on him. There was attraction between them although at times I did feel that Elena’s was a bit of hero worship mixed in with a serious crush, but the more time they spent together the more it was obvious that something bit was brewing between them. Most of all I was impressed that when Max needed her to; Elena confronted every fear she had to help him do what he was so very good at.

Fun, exciting, mixed with a bit of suspense Out of Reach was a fantastic holiday romance.

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