Shadow’s Review – Seeking My Destiny (The Doms of Genesis #8) by Jenna Jacob

The characters were exquisitely portrayed and the book was suspenseful, hot, and enjoyable. ~ Shadow, Guilty Pleasures 

By day, I’m Sasha Evans, successful business owner and entrepreneur.
By night, I’m Destiny, Club Genesis’ masochistic bottom who craves pain and won’t kneel to just any Top.
The subs around me are all pairing up with the Doms of their dreams. I can’t even find someone to whip away my stress and grant me peace. It’s driving me mad!
But you know the old saying, Never tempt fate…
Falling into bed with my tall, ruggedly handsome business associate, Lawson Pratt, isn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made, but he certainly melted me with pleasure.
And when compelling Sadist Parker Cane offered me a contract, promising to make all my most agonizing fantasies come true, I was torn.
How’s a girl supposed to choose between tingling passion and sweet torment?
What if I can have both men work their magic on me?
It sounds great—in theory. And it’s feeling that way too—until a menacing madman from the past returns to steal not only my bliss…but my life.

Destiny is the club bitch at Genesis, but her bitchiness covers up her deep insecurities and her belief that she is a masochistic bottom, not a submissive. Mika, the owner, and her only friend at the club, sets her up with a Dom he thinks can handle her needs. The Dom’s contract states they would be exclusive and that there would be no orgasms for two weeks.

But before she can sign that contract, she meets Law, and spends the best night of her life with the sexy marketing expert. When she finally meets Cane, the Dom Mika provided, she is as attracted to him as she is to Law. Torn between the two, what will happen when she finds she has been set up?

Will she be able to find her submissive side under the tutelage of the two Doms?

While the book was well written and certainly described Destiny’s feelings, and the sex scenes were off the charts, I just couldn’t really relate to any of the three main characters. Destiny, who’s real name is Sasha, is a successful businesswoman who needs pain to release her stress. While Cane and Law are caring and careful Doms, I was uncomfortable with the deception they practiced to deal with Sasha. Couching it under doing it for her own good, its still deceitful and totally against the honest and open communication theme both Doms espouse.

However, despite my disconnect with the characters, they were exquisitely portrayed and the book was suspenseful, hot and enjoyable. I enjoy this author’s works and won’t let a quirk of character keep from reading her work.

4.5 stars

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