Rosalie’s Review – You Forever (Cameron Farms #3) by Melanie Jayne

Twists and turns abound around a little bundle that changes everything…for the better. ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures 

They told themselves theirs was a casual affair… until a positive pregnancy test proved them wrong.

Ashley Needham’s life is finally on track. She has a great job at Cameron Farms, good friends, and is months away from college graduation.

Matt Weiss was convinced he didn’t know how to love until the day a she strutted into his office spitting fire. He fell hard, but to protect his heart and hers, he made no promises.

All that was before the positive test changed their relationship forever. Can casual lovers truly become a couple and forge a bond strong enough to last?

Ashley has has a rough life but is finally feeling like she has her feet under her. She has a job she loves at Cameron Farms and is about to (finally!) graduate college. And men abound at the farm; but one in particular keeps catching her eye and making her heart skip a beat: Matt Weiss. But what do you do when you KNOW that someone has the ability to detail your life with the snap of his fingers? And his reputation certainly proceeds him…but man, he’s too gorgeous for Ashley to just stay away!

Matt knew that Ashley was someone he would enjoy having a fling with. And the fling scratched an itch both needed to be scratched. But, of course, in amazing Melanie Jayne style, the twist begins. Ashley finds she is pregnant. Now, demanding Matt step up and be the man she knows he can be, can and will Matt fail or fly as a father?

I know when I read Ms. Jayne I won’t be bored. There is always some twist that keeps the reader wanting more. I love the Cameron Farms series and Matt and Ashley’s stories was one of my favorite!!

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