Rosalie’s Review – The Phoenix Agency: Bare Deception (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Tracy Tappan

Two worlds collide in an undercover mission that has the ultimate same goal…get the cure. ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures

Two rival agents. One goal. The clock is ticking, passions are rising…and someone is lying.

A Mafia kingpin stole the formula for a medical miracle and is on the verge of selling it to the highest bidder. Other security firms tried to rescue it and failed. Now the high-risk job has landed with operatives of Phoenix Agency, the best of America’s ex-military, who bring highly specialized skills to every mission.

As a former Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert, Tony Santoro’s skills with wiring are needed to break into the complex safe holding the stolen formula. To get in close, Tony will have to work deep undercover with the mob as an enforcer, a ruthless job that daily twists him into moral binds. But when he catches the boss’s physical therapist trying to burgle the safe, he’s faced with an impossible dilemma. The curvy brunette offers to do ANYTHING so he won’t rat her out…and wouldn’t a Mafia enforcer take her up on that?

On the same mission from a different security firm, Ronnie Cardenas uses her psychic gift as a Truth Extractor to secretly unearth the safe’s combination. After three long months of dangerous undercover work, she is finally on the verge of success…until she stumbles upon a rival agent. She wants the cocky bastard OUT—out of her operation, out of her payoff.

Then everything goes wrong, and she needs his help.

As the mission comes apart, Tony and Ronnie work together in a mad race to pull off the heist before they land themselves in matching cement shoes…and in the process, end up stealing each other’s hearts.

Note to Wings of Gold fans: There is a where-are-they-now short scene in this novella between Eric and Nicole from Book 1 in the Wings of Gold series, BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

Tony Santoro has lived a life that most wouldn’t want to live. From being former military and watching his best friends killed, to officer saving his partner from unpleasantries, all the way to enforcer beating up people for the “greater good”. Feeling there is no end in his horrendous job cycle, after a busy gone wrong, Tony goes off the grid….until found by Phoenix Agency owner Dan Romeo and propositioned for a job he would be perfectly suited for.

Ronnie Cardenas wants to make her ability that has been kind of a burden her whole life work for the good of humanity. Going undercover with the mob to try to find the secret cure that she oh so desperately needs to make a name for herself. As soon as she sees Antonio (Tony), her senses go haywire and she knows something is off. But finding out how off his “enforcer” job really is is the fun part…..

These two were like oil and vinegar from the beginning. Not knowing that the other was undercover was interesting…knowing they were both working towards the same goal, with no idea the other was there, really added to the suspense. Their initial encounters weren’t exactly the most pleasent, but I still felt the underlying attraction and heat between the two. Realizing that Tony had so many layers to get through, watching Ronnie slowly peel that onion was a real treat. I am in LOVE with the Phoenix Agency world and am so excited to read more!!

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