Rosalie’s Review – Erected (Erector Set #1) by Desiree Holt

If something bad is going to happen, it will and DOES happen to Ness. But something bad lead to something good….really good…. ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures

Who can resist a pint-sized female with luscious curves stranded in a parking lot? Not Josh McMann. It’s his pleasure to save Ness Bowen, especially given the instant sensual chemistry that explodes between them. When she wrecks her car on the way to meet him for dinner, he saves her once again. And dinner at home takes on a whole new meaning as the sexual pull becomes too strong for either to ignore. The more they see each other, the more intense and erotic the sex becomes.

But Ness sees Josh as a player, and she’s been dumped by men like him who were always looking for the next conquest. Josh has his own trust issues, having been burned by women interested only in his money and power.

When a breakfast date goes awry and Ness thinks she’s been dumped once again, it takes a lot of fancy maneuvering from Josh to make amends.

Thinking her brand new car has been stolen, Ness runs into Josh, in a panic, trying to find her beloved BMW. Knight in shining armor he is, he helps the shrill, off-kilter, whiney woman. Something pulls him to her; he’s not quite sure what though.

This book is a calamity of errors for poor Ness. What can go wrong, will and does. And around every turn, her knight is there to pick her up and take care of her…in every way possible.

Ms. Holt has a way of pulling you into a story and make you want more. These two characters are POLAR opposite and to see them come together is comical. However, it is also BEYOND hot!! The chemistry between them is off the charts from the beginning and seeing them combust is oh so sweet. I love that this is the beginning of a series and I can see more to come!

4.5 stars

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