Kitty’s Review – The Irredeemable Billionaire (Muse #3) by Lexxie Couper

Lexxie Couper really did me in with her mix of nerdism, a love/hate relationship and the cutest little boy ever. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

The rules have never applied to film director Sebastian Hart. He’s always done what he wants, when he wants. But after one too many wild nights, Sebastian finds himself performing community service in the unlikely role of big brother to a ten-year-old boy in need of a father figure. It seems like fate is playing with him when the boy’s mother turns out to be the girl he grew up next door to, the one person he’s never been able to win over with his smile or charm.

After the death of her husband, Grace Wilder has her hands full working as a paramedic and being both mother and father to their son. The last thing she needs is for the bane of her teenage existence to show up, or for her son to contract a case of hero worship. Even worse is the fact that the boy who once made her life miserable has turned into a man who has the power to destroy her with his devastating smile and sexy eyes.

Each book in the The Muse series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

The Stubborn Billionaire
The Mistaken Billionaire
The Irredeemable Billionaire

Well, what an interesting book this was. Lexxie Couper really did me in with her mix of nerdism, a love/hate relationship and the cutest little boy ever. But, it seemed to be lacking something. Something that I couldn’t put my finger on.

Sebastian Hart was a pompous ass. Yes, that is the only way to describe him. An arrogant, self-assured, his way or no way, ass. And, the one girl who always put him in his place, didn’t take anything from him growing up is back in his life … and she’s no girl any more. She’s one sexy woman with the cutest little boy.

Grace cannot believe that Seb was thrown back into her life again. The one boy growing up that took bullying to a new level. But, he’s here and has been assigned to be her son’s Big Brother. She was told that she’ll only have to put up with him once a week. Then, what the hell is he doing here every single day? Tormenting her, that’s what. They say that people can change but I don’t see it with him. He’s still egotistical. He still thinks the world revolves around him. But, Cody idolizes the incomparable Sebastian Hart. So, she has no choice but to deal with him.

So, what am I leaving out of the above description? Angst, anger … so much anger. And, that’s what turned me off. I wanted to yell at Grace “let it go already”! And, as for Sebastian … I just wanted to slap him upside the head. There is only so much of a god-complex that I can take. But, Cody stole my heart. He was the glue that kept this story together for me. As for the secondary characters, I really liked both Harrison and Shelli. They were both cute and fun. As for the Judge … well, Seb may have thought the world revolved around him but she thought she ruled that world.

What would have made this a more enjoyable story? Maybe redeem Seb a little earlier in the story? Maybe have Grace learn the meaning of forgiveness? Maybe teach them to let go of the past? The story didn’t seem to flow for me as it was jumping between subjects. And, I know that this is fiction but, there are some things that have to be conveyed realistically. Finally, I really wasn’t a fan of the ending … it seemed abrupt and unfinished.

Lexxie Couper usually enthralls me. Unfortunately, not so much with The Irredeemable Billionaire. There were parts that amused me and had me thinking that it was making the turn that I was hoping it would, only to be knocked back into the abyss again. Then there were the parts that had me rolling my eyes. But, I’ll never stop reading Ms. Couper since I know she is capable of making me smile from start to finish in a book and I look forward to more of that from her.


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