Excerpt Reveal – Engaging the Billionaire (Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires Book 8) by Ivy Layne

Ivy Layne

Engaging the Billionaire

Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires Book 8

Release Date Nov. 28, 2017

If we can’t outrun the past, we won’t have a future.

The rock on her hand is real, but our engagement is a fake.

Once upon a time, I dreamed of buying her a ring, until everything blew up in my face.

That was the past, and this is business.

At least, it is until I kiss her.

It’s supposed to be part of the act — and it is — right until my lips touch hers.

I forget where we are.

I forget why I’m kissing her.

I just want more.

More of her taste, more of the tug of her fingers in my hair as she pulls me closer.

More of her tongue stroking mine, more of her breath in my lungs.

Just more.

I want everything.

Annalise is more than a client. More than my ex.

She could be my future.

If I can’t keep her safe, I won’t lose her to the past, I’ll lose her forever.


Engaging the Billionaire is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s the eighth book in the Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires series and reveals more about the notorious Winters family. You can read it on its own, everything you need to know is explained, but once you get a taste you’ll want to read the others ;}

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Proving that she was no fool, Sophie glanced over her shoulder at the empty butler’s pantry before she said, in an equally low tone, “I went to the kitchen weeks ago to make another pot of coffee—bad night of sleep—and they were in the corner, whispering. Abel was holding her hand.”

“That’s it?” Amelia said, not bothering to keep her voice low. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. Not that that’s much to tell. Hand-holding.” She shook her head in dismissal.

Sophie rolled her eyes at Aunt Amelia. “Maybe for you hand-holding is nothing. For Mrs. W, that’s a lot.”

Gage pinned our great-aunt with a firm look. “Don’t you dare start any trouble for her, Amelia. If she and Abel have something going on, leave them alone to work it out.”

Aunt Amelia made a dismissive sound in her throat, and I shook my head, keeping my eyes on my empty plate and trying to hide my smile. Aunt Amelia was a born troublemaker.

Technically Sophie was her nurse, but Aunt Amelia didn’t need much nursing. Mostly what she needed was a companion, and someone to keep her from burning the house down.

Amelia lived to pull pranks.

Sophie spent most of her time either assisting in Amelia’s schemes or talking her out of them. If Amelia set her mind to causing trouble, we were all in forit.

Amelia sent Gage a grin and said, “Who? Me? I wouldn’t dream of interfering with Mrs. W.”

I let out a snort of laughter. Sophie just narrowed her eyes. “Seriously, Amelia. Stay out of it.”

“Oh, I’ll stay out of it. Scout’s honor.”

Under his breath, Gage muttered, “Like you were ever a Scout.”

Aunt Amelia just sent him a devilish smile. Male voices filtered in from the hall and I felt myself tense. Aidan, and, I thought, Cooper Sinclair. They entered the room, and I saw that I’d been correct.

Finished with my breakfast, I rose. Cooper pulled me into a bear hug. I’d known all the Sinclairs since birth. They were less friends and more like extended family, though the last thing I needed was more overprotective older brothers.

“Mrs. W is bringing coffee to the living room,” Aiden said. “I think we’ll have more space to spread out there.”

He turned to lead the way across the hall to the formal living room. Cooper and I followed, Gage rising behind us to join in.

The living room of Winters House was almost as big as the dining room. It was a formal space, filled with expensive Persian carpets and silk upholstered couches, but not fussy or overly feminine. The high windows let in plenty of light, and the view of the gardens complemented the pale creamy walls and glossy white trim. It had been my Aunt Olivia’s favorite room in Winters House, as well as my mother’s.

Aidan had an office just down the hall, by the library and wine room. It was more than big enough for the four of us. I hovered in the doorway of the living room and studied Aidan, who stared out the window at the gardens behind the house and didn’t meet my eyes.

“We won’t all fit in your office?” I asked, carefully.

Cooper cut in. “Evers and Knox are coming,” he explained. “And they’re bringing someone from our team we think can help. The gate already called up. They should be here any minute.”

The boys had a plan.

I knew better than to interfere before I’d let them have their say. Anyway, nothing I’d done had worked—clearly running away wasn’t the answer. I might as well see what the guys had cooked up.

If I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to go along.

Facing down the combined will of Aidan, Gage, and three of the Sinclair brothers wouldn’t be easy, but I could do it.

Mrs. W came in, carrying a tray with the coffee pot, cups and saucers, and a plate of shortbread. Giving me a supportive smile, she said to Aidan, “A car just pulled up in front of the house.”

I sat and poured myself a cup of coffee. I didn’t need more caffeine, but I did need something to occupy myself. I’d been in charge of my own life for a long time, and I had no intention of letting anyone run it for me.

The best way to keep control of the meeting was to keep my mouth shut until I knew what I wanted to say. The front door opened and Mrs. W voiced a greeting. I recognized Evers saying hello and, based on Mrs. W’s light laugh, probably flirting a little.

I took a sip of coffee and waited, determined not to let the guys take over. Not to be the victim. I was here to take my life back, and I wasn’t going to be bulldozed by this crew of overprotective males.

Every speck of my resolve flew out the window when he walked in.


Riley Flynn.



Ivy Layne has had her nose stuck in a book since she learned to decipher the English language. Sometime in her early teens, she stumbled across her first Romance, and the die was cast. Though she pretended to pay attention to her creative writing professors, she dreamed of writing steamy romance instead of literary fiction. These days, she’s neck deep in alpha heroes and the smart, sexy women who love them.

Married to her very own alpha hero (who rubs her back after a long day of typing, but also leaves his socks on the floor). Ivy lives in the mountains of North Carolina where she and her other half are having a blast raising two energetic little boys. Aside from her family, Ivy’s greatest loves are coffee and chocolate, preferably together.

Ivy is represented by Sarah Hershman of Hershman Rights Management.

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