Autry’s Review – Close to Heaven (Colorado High Country #5) by Pamela Clare

Ms. Clare continues to pull the heartstrings of readers with Close to Heaven. A long awaited friends to lovers novel that showcases the power of love. ~ Autry, Guilty Pleasures 

A woman at a crossroads…

Rain Minear has fantasized about finding herself in Joe Moffat’s arms for years. It’s just her luck that the night it finally happens, he’s carrying her into the emergency room. It’s Joe who steps up to help her when a tragedy brings her life crashing down. He gives her a place to stay, helps her get back on her feet, and even tries to save her Christmas, though he’s never cared for the holiday. But he’s far too ethical to sleep with a member of his staff, holding her at arms length despite the long-simmering attraction between them.

A man haunted by the past…

Joe Moffat moved to Scarlet Springs to repay a debt. He’s struggled for years to keep his hands off Rain. She’s the general manager of his brewpub, and he is not that kind of boss. But, oh, she turns him on. More than that, she has the biggest heart of any woman he’s ever known. He’d do anything to see her smile again, even put up a Christmas tree and listen to carols.

A season that changes two lives forever…

When a Rocky Mountain blizzard leaves them snowbound, they can no longer ignore their feelings for one another. As their passion turns to something deeper, it becomes clear to them both that this will be the most important Christmas of their lives.

Joe is a sweet, kind, generous, down to earth man who loves his community and the residents. His great-great-grandfathers past is haunting him everyday, driving Joes’ plans to stay single. For years he has avoided his feelings for Rain and now mother nature is forcing their hand.

Rain is a hard working, levelheaded, business manager and mother. Pushing her wants and needs aside to raise her daughter, Lark. Now Lark is grown and off to college, Rain is deciding to risk it all. She’s going to prove they’re better together.

Joe and Rain are so perfectly designed and crafted for one another; the reader cannot help but fall in love with them both. Ms. Clare has pulls the reader through an immense amount of emotions: anger, sadness, hope, love, happiness and joy. Every time the love outshines the anger. The secondary characters were superb, full of great advice and laughter. The plot was smooth, easy to follow along with, and full of details. I could easily recommend this Close to Heaven to any romance reader. Close to Heaven sucks the reader in within sentences and keeps them reading until the final page, wishing for more.

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