Slick’s Review – Play Dates by Maggie Wells

Cheeky, sexy and fun Play Dates gets this series about single full time fathers off to an entertaining start. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

For single parents, life is often more diapers and daycare dilemmas than dating. But for three dads going solo, a little flirting can lead to a whole lot more than a fling . . .

Colm Cleary lost his wife just moments after his son Aiden’s birth, and it’s been just the two of them ever since. Dating is his very last priority—until he spots gorgeous Monica Rayburn on the playground with her little girl. Suddenly finding a woman sympathetic to the demands of single parenthood seems like a great idea—especially if they agree to a no-pressure, no-strings date . . .

Dazzled by the hot “Saturdaddy” who asks her out, Monica doesn’t get around to mentioning that little Emma is her niece. She’s in commodities, not children. A gambler to the bone, she’s going to take a chance on an adult evening with Colm—and worry about the details later. But when their casual connection deepens into something more solid, the truth will have to come out—and both Colm and Monica will have to throw caution to the wind to hold on to a future together . . .

Play Dates by Maggie Wells was a cheeky little romance about a single dad and a woman he thinks is a single mom from their one encounter on a playground. While it was fun and sexy, it had a serious side with both the hero and heroine doing some soul searching to get to a happy place.

Colm Cleary’s son Aiden is the bright spot of his life despite the fact his wife died shortly after his birth. Finding out his wife was not who she was left him raw and unable to trust easily, hence why he has been celibate for the last four years with only one encounter a year after his son’s birth. He has his work and his two best friends who also have custody of their children as well. Saturday mornings are park time followed by pancakes, pretty routine until a woman he doesn’t recognize from their usual park days and her daughter find his son’s Princess Clarissa doll. Colm’s libido comes roaring to life and he asks her for a date, something so far out of his wheelhouse of late that Monica Rayburn doesn’t get a chance to explain that Emma is her niece not her daughter, but since its only one night does it really matter?

I absolutely loved the interaction between Colm and Monica and how in tune they were with each other sexually. While I hated that they didn’t spend a lot of time talking allowing Monica time to come clean, I could also understand that alone time between them was at difficult to find so they did very little talking. I loved watching Colm reclaim his sexual side and realize that why he was completely dedicated to his son, having someone else in his life made it better. Seeing Monica begin to realize that while she loved her life, it was lonely and learning to open her heart to the possibility of not only a man but a little boy in her life while scary was worth it. I was a bit disappointed in both Colm and Monica for the way they handled various situations, but it wasn’t unexpected given their backgrounds and history. I was completely happy with the way this book ended, but would have loved more time with Colm and Monica as a couple, but I’m hoping as the other Saturdaddies get their stories we’ll see more of them.

I have to give big props to author Maggie Wells and Kensington Publishing for producing a series about men who are full time single fathers, it is past time they are given the attention they deserve.

A playful, fun, and sexy romance I loved Play Dates!

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