Rosalie’s Review – Papa’s Prey by Zoe Blake

Zoe Blake can bring the heat that will set you on fire, simmer you down, then light you up all over again! ~ Rosalie, Guilty Pleasures

She was his. His Property. His Possession…His.

Trapped in a world of dark decadence, the innocent Corinne is now bound to obey her new husband’s every depraved desire. She is his little doll, to be played with and punished as he pleases. Every night she is brought to his chamber after being dressed by her nanny at his command. Each night is different. Will she be a baby doll? A kitten? Something more sinful?

She is his little captured bird. Will she fly away and escape or learn to love her gilded cage?

Warning. This is a dark daddy dom historical romance. There are no cuddles or caresses in this hero’s castle. If the heroine’s cry in the night will shock and disturb you, then please do not purchase this book.

This is my first dark book. Well, I THOUGHT I had read some dark reads before; but apparently, I was wrong! Zoe is an absolute artist with her words. This book was her canvas and she used an amazing paint brush to stroke us through exactly what she wanted us to see and feel. And BOY did I feel a lot with this one!

Our main character, Corinne, has lived in the Abby since she was six years old when she lost her parents. At the age of 17, most are released into the real world, under some type of apprenticeship, in order to live on their own. However, Corinne caught the eye of a very attractive man, Lord Lucian Talon (who is a Duke!), who promises to return for her and become her benefactor. Of course Corinne is terrified, but she first lays eyes on the Lord, however, she is immediately mesmerized and begins feeling things she has always been taught is wrong. To Lucian, Corinne is a perfect little doll. And in his eyes, dolls can be played with, but manipulated to do what you want them to do. Corinne learns very quickly that she better listen to Lucian, or the consequences would not be in her best interest.

Riding through the emotions with this one had me on a roller coaster I wasn’t prepared for. I felt for Corinne, but then when Papa (as he was to be called) kicked in, the scenes I read were so vivid, it had me on edge wanting to be bad to just see what would happen if I were Corrine. The eroticness of this book was off the chart. The heat was scorching and the characters were dynamic on so many levels. This is my first read from Zoe Blake, but I can assure you, it will NOT be the last!

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