Leigh’s Review – Claimed Possession (The Machinery of Desire #2) by Cari Silverwood

This second book in the Machinery of Desire series brings us further into a foreign world, and leaves me amazed by the creativity and twisted mind of Cari Silverwood. ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures

This is the story of Sawyer and Aribelle on the world of Aerthe.

When she first meets Sawyer, her fear of him makes Aribelle do something foolish – she orders her men to cut off his balls. This is not an auspicious beginning.

A Scav warband comes calling and despite her fanciful, and interrupted, castration notions he saves her life. Ex-special forces, calculating, and slow to anger, Sawyer is also slow to cool down. Aribelle has definitely riled him.

His plan: to rise above slavery, to become a big man in this strange new world, and to find his sister, Fern.

As for Aribelle, she owes him and he intends to cash in the debt. She’s his, no matter how she much she wriggles and squirms.

With war brewing, with a JI-mech almost dying at his feet, and with a girl to claim, things are about to get interesting for this one human man in a world of warriors, mechlings, and the landships of the Swathe.

This is a dark erotic story and may disturb some readers.

This second book in the Machinery of Desire series brings us further into the world of Aerthe, and leaves me amazed by the creativity and twisted mind of Cari Silverwood. She has created a foreign universe that is scientifically advanced, but supports a society that is surprisingly primitive. Where slaves are commonplace, death is rampant, and mechanical and living beings co-exist.

While Acquired Possession gave us a glimpse into the world of the Mekkers, confined to travel on their landships, Claimed Possession introduces us to the Scavs, a nomadic ground dwelling race that has enslaved Sawyer upon his arrival from Earth. After breaking free of captivity through cunning and strength, he finds the tables turned and his captor, Ari, is now his slave.

I found Sawyer to be an interesting character. At first, I was not a fan. He seemed too harsh, too sadistic, too ready to take on a persona that I felt could not have possibly been his. There is no way he could have acted this way on Earth, and his comfort with being such a brutal master came too easily. But as we got to know him and see that he did struggle with the ease in which he slipped into this role, it made him more human. To know that he battled an internal war with the way he enjoyed treating Ari as nothing more than a slave for his needs versus the way he should treat her as a person, it made him human. A harsh, sadistic human, but still one that had a heart beneath the wild exterior.

I also liked Ari. She was a strong woman who resisted being owned, and fought against the ties binding her to Sawyer, even when it became clear that she had feelings for him. She was an interesting mix of femininity and strength and I enjoyed watching someone with such backbone and spirit eventually bend to Sawyers domination. It clearly showed that the submissive was the stronger one in the relationship because in the end, she truly called the shots. My only complaint is that I wanted an epilogue with her and Sawyer. I cannot believe that the author left these two where she did. I have too many questions left about the future that I want answered!

And as for one of the most likeable characters in the story, I was glad to see JI again. As a “mech”, a robot that was becoming self-aware, he was interesting and humorous, and I was happy to see he was an essential part of this story. I cannot wait until the next installment of this series and am crossing my fingers that JI is the main focus of that book as I would love for this penis-obsessed, truth-loving, Shakespeare-quoting guy to experience a love of his own.

4.5 stars

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