Kitty’s Review – Leashed (The Dark Underbelly of The Chattanooga Supernaturals #3) by Candace Blevins

Candace Blevins is an author that takes pride in her work, knows her subjects and writes with a hunger to please her readers. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Abbott is dealing with the fallout of becoming Master of Maryland and must figure out what to do with the few dozen blood-bonded shapeshifters he inherited.

One of the wolves catches his eye, but if Abbott learned anything from his brief time with Kirsten, it’s that he’s long had relationships with people obligated to do his will and he needs to change the pattern. Still, he moves the young man into his home to begin learning some of Abbot’s soon-to-retire housekeeper’s duties.

Spencer was abducted at twelve and turned into a pleasure slave — bitten to become a wolf who could stand up to abuse and live, but he’s never had to control the animal inside him. His Master kept both Spencer and his wolf on a tight leash. Spencer’s new Master has different rules and expects Spencer to think for himself — a scary prospect for someone who’s done nothing but follow orders for so long. Still, he’s ordered to help people instead of harming them, so Spencer does everything he can to please his new Master.

Abbott can see an iron will and high morals in Spencer, but releasing the blood-bond enslaving him is impossible — the boy’s never even met his wolf and would have no hope of controlling the feral animal inside him. However, Abbott won’t take things past a cordial relationship with the just-turned eighteen-year-old while he’s still a slave.

The dark side, as well as the soft and sweet side, of Candace Blevins shows through with Leashed. A story about a man coming to terms with how he’s lived his life and learning to change his ways and a man who is willing to learn a different way of life than what was thrust upon him at an early age.

The Abbott has always come across as domineering from the day that we met him. It’s why he lost Kirsten. He is drawn to Spencer but knows that he cannot keep treating others like possessions so the blood-bond between them can hurt them. Finding a way to make Spencer open up on his own, feel like a valuable person, legally breaking the blood-bond are his first priorities. Then, and only then, will he take him to his bed.

Spencer wants to be his own man but has no idea how not to be “owned”. Abbott is showing him a different way of life, he trusts him to take care of his flock and encourages him, daily, to study and learn all that he can. He is nothing like his last Master but still feels like he has to hold back. There are just certain memories that he’s unable to share, jealousies he needs to confront. He loves helping Abbott, he is honored that he thinks that he can help with Holly, he is privileged to be taking over the flock, thrilled Abbott found a way to break the blood-bond but keep his wolf leashed, but he is not sure he can give him what he needs.

As they get closer, Spencer finds out that Abbott can give him what he needs without taking away his dignity. He meets Kirsten and knows that he could let go of his jealousy. Abbott is assured, after a severe punishment, that Spencer will talk to him, he’s also working to letting him make decisions for himself or to talk it out with him instead of just doing what he thinks is best for Spence. As they work through their problems, the love and trust between them shines through. And, yes, so does Abbott’s sweet and soft side as he gives Spence more than what he needs.

Candance Blevins is the queen of writing BDSM but, even though there are elements of it in this story, it is Kink … there is no negotiation, no safewords, no consents. When Abbott and Spencer do come together, it’s volatile … Abbotts dominance combined with Spences submission is beautifully written. I also love that Kirsten O’Shea’s Universe, The Chattanooga Supernaturals and The Rolling Thunder MC are all represented in the story. It’s wonderful how she ties all these series together. You can tell through the telling of the story and how well it’s written that Candace Blevins is an author that takes pride in her work, knows her subjects and writes with a hunger to please her readers.

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