Giveaway & Slick’s Review – Ride Wild (Raven Riders #3) by Laura Kaye

Sweet and sentimental, yet racy and raunchy, with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep it interesting Ride Wild was a very good addition to this series. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Kaye brings you the third novel in her Raven Riders Series, RIDE WILD. A sexy contemporary romance series, and a spin-off from Laura’s Hard Ink world, about a different kind of motorcycle club with a protective missionThe Raven Riders Series takes you on an adventure and kicks it into overdrive! RIDE WILD is the hot and emotional story of a sexy single father wild with grief over the death of his wife several years before and the strong survivor he hires to be his nanny. Order your copy of RIDE WILD today!

About Ride Wild (Raven Riders #3)

Brotherhood. Club. Family.

They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders…

Wild with grief over the death of his wife, Sam “Slider” Evans merely lives for his two sons. Nothing holds his interest anymore—not even riding his bike or his membership in the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. But that all changes when he hires a new babysitter.

Recently freed from a bad situation by the Ravens, Cora Campbell is determined to bury the past. When Slider offers her a nanny position, she accepts, needing the security and time to figure out what she wants from life. Cora adores his sweet boys, but never expected the red-hot attraction to their brooding, sexy father. If only he would notice her…

Slider does see the beautiful, fun-loving woman he invited into his home. She makes him feel too much, and he both hates it and yearns for it. But when Cora witnesses something she shouldn’t have, the new lives they’ve only just discovered are threatened. Now Slider must claim—and protect—what’s his before it’s too late.

Author Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders series continues in Ride Wild and the book was aptly named on several fronts. A man whose life was torn apart by his wife’s death and is barely keeping it together for his boys and a young woman who is determined to find happiness in her life find just what they need in one another. Sweet and sentimental, yet racy and raunchy, with a bit of suspense thrown in to keep it interesting Ride Wild was a very good addition to this series.

All Cora Campbell wants is a home, a family, a good job, and a dog and to be loved. Her life has been the stuff nightmares are made of; a mother who dumped her, a father who abused her, and a friend who needed her and they barely escaped with their lives. Since she and her friend Haven came under the protection of the Raven Riders MC she has felt safe for the first time in a long time and while club member “Slider” Evans may look wild, she can’t help but see a different side, the patient, kind side he shows his boys. Working for Slider has been both a curse and a blessing; she loves the boys and enjoys her time with them, but being around Slider makes her want all kinds of things she knows he doesn’t.

These were two people who were broken and were afraid to need anyone or to trust anyone so they made some mistakes along the way especially early on in this book. One thing that was undeniable was their love for Slider’s boys Sam and Ben, while Slider felt he hadn’t been a good father, it was obvious to everyone around them that he had absolutely put his boys first including hiring Cora as their babysitter. Cora proved time and time again that she was determined to bring joy into their young lives and would love nothing more to bring some joy into Slider’s life. I liked these two together, I felt they complimented each other well and through their love of the boys realized they wanted more together.

There was a bit of a suspense plot that to be honest was a bit too obvious for me, but I was thankful that the drama came from outside the relationship rather than internally so that was a win.

There are a lot of changes happening within the Raven Riders that should only make them stronger and better. Great characters, a sweet but sexy love story, and lots of time with the MC made Ride Wild a great addition to this series.

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“Hey, Cora,” he said, his gravelly morning voice so damn sexy.

“Hey,” she said, tilting her head back to look him in the eye. She wondered if she should get off him, but didn’t really want to.

Not making any move to get up, Slider just looked down at her. “How you feeling?”

“A lot better,” she said, hyperaware that her hand was lying on his chest. His heartbeat faintly registered against her palm. “Still achy and a little off, but better.”

“Good. You should probably take it easy today, though. Whatever that was isn’t likely out of your system yet.”

She nodded. “I will.”

Talking like this, their faces so close, felt so damn intimate that Cora could almost imagine that nothing existed outside of Slider’s bed. She almost didn’t want it to. Especially when his arm squeezed a little tighter around her shoulders and brought them just a little closer. Cora shifted into his embrace, pressing her chest totally flush against his die, and sliding her thigh up until—

Oh, hell. Until she felt the part of him she’d accidentally seen. And it was hard.

He sucked in a breath, and his hand clamped around his thigh. “Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean—”

She placed her fingers loosely over his mouth. She didn’t want him to apologize. Or explain it away. Or push her away.

Cora knew she shouldn’t wan the things she did, but that didn’t make her desires go away. It felt good to want Slider, it made her feel normal, even if she was a little nervous. After what her father had done, that seemed like a victory she didn’t want to relinquish.

And, oh, now that she was touching his face, she really didn’t want to stop. His lips were full and soft under her fingers, his stubble was more ticklish than prickly, and his cheekbone was prominent under his skin.

He licked his lips, and her gaze latched on to the movement.

“Cora,” he rasped, his cock getting even harder against her thigh.

His arousal fueled her own, her hips tilting with the need for friction. The movement had her grinding herself against the firm muscle of his thigh and made both of them suck in a breath. His grip tightened on her everywhere. His arm holding her tighter yet to him, his hand pulling her thigh wider across him.

Her fingers returned to his mouth again, and traced across his lower lip. His tongue flicked out and swiped at her pointer finger, and Cora was instantly wet. Trembling with need and adrenaline and the fear that at any second, he would cut this off, Cora shifted ever so slowly, ever so slightly, bringing her face closer to his. He watched her like she was a tigress about to strike, but just as her mouth almost reached his, he flipped them and pinned her to the bed.

And Cora realized she had it all wrong. He’d been the feral animal about to attack all along.


Animal rescue is a big part of the storyline of Ride Wild, and that’s something that’s close to Laura’s heart, so Laura’s giving to the cause by donating a portion of all preorders and sales through 11/5 to Noah’s Arks Rescue, a fantastic organization that serves as a source of inspiration for the book. When you grab your copy of RIDE WILD, you’re helping a great cause AND you’ll get a bonus story when you submit your order info, too!

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About Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary and erotic romance and romantic suspense, including the Blasphemy, Hard Ink, and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. Laura also writes historical fiction as the NYT bestselling author, Laura Kamoie. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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  1. Great review. I just loved this book, and it was great learning about the whole dog fights, because I had no clue that even happened. So it was a painful but great learning experience. I just adore this MC series. Its fantastic.

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