Java Girl’s Review – Ride It Out (Desert Dogs #4) by Cara McKenna

I was eager to read Ride it Out, the final book in Cara McKenna’s Desert Dogs series, unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me. Miah and Nicki didn’t have the chemistry I’ve come t expect from Ms. McKenna. She’s one of my favorite writers, and I certainly won’t give up on her books, but, sadly, this was a disappointing ending to a series I’ve loved. ~ Java Girl, Guilty Pleasures 

There’s a new deputy in town, and she’s a law unto herself.

Jeremiah Church is still aching for justice to be served after his father’s murder. Though the killer has been caught, the authorities are no closer to knowing why the Churches were targeted—and if the family’s still at risk. When Miah receives an anonymous letter hinting at a darker conspiracy, he decides it’s high time he seeks justice on his own terms, with the help of his fellow Desert Dogs.

Patrol Deputy Nicki Ritchey is new to Fortuity, and hoping to make a clean start for her and her son. Involved in the Church’s case, she’s kindled a friendship with Miah that’s evolving into something more. But Miah is crossing lines with his personal vendetta, and Nicki’s attraction is making it tough to tell right from wrong…

I’m a fan of Cara McKenna’s work, and I was looking forward to this book for several reasons. I had so many questions—who would Miah end up with? Who was behind the deaths of his dad and his friend, Alex? How deep did the corruption in the Sheriff’s department run? I did get all the answers, but the story was lifeless and Miah and Nicki fell flat. I wanted the mystery solved, but I had to force myself to keep reading. I’ve never felt that before with any of Ms. McKenna’s books. Miah and Nicki are opposites from very different backgrounds, but with one similar life experience that drew them together. They should have been interesting, but I didn’t feel any real chemistry between the two of them. My favorite scenes were those involving the Grossier brother, Vince and Casey. Those two are always entertaining. Miah, who has always come across as steadfast and solid, hardworking, honest, and reliable, felt dull and as much as I hate to say it, boring. He didn’t capture my attention. The way the story unfolded felt like I was being told too much and not shown nearly enough. I’ve come to expect a high level of story- telling and rich, complex, flawed characters from Ms. McKenna, but in the end, Ride it Out was anticlimactic, and I was disappointed.

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