Amanda’s Review – Last Gentleman Standing by Jane Ashford

An absolute captivating story. Fans of regency romance will absolute enjoy this story. ~ Amanda, Guilty Pleasures

A fortune hunter’s dream…
Miss Elisabeth Elham is an unlikely heiress. She never knew the curmudgeonly uncle who died suddenly and left her a fortune. She’s proud, outspoken and independent―a definite challenge for London’s fortune hunting suitors.

As various determined gentlemen vie for her attention at balls, routs, picnics and parties, Elisabeth finds herself embroiled with a charming rake, a mysterious nabob, and an elegant neighbor. This would all be great fun, if only she wasn’t so fascinated by the one man in London who’s not trying to woo her…

Originally titled Bluestocking, this story has been unavailable for over 25 years.

Nothing is more satisfying than delving into a regency romance and being swept away by the witty dialogue and phrases of good period writing. Last Gentleman Standing is a superbly written story of a young woman who gets an inheritance from her uncle and becomes an heiress. Elisabeth Elham gathers her cousins for company and one as a companion, and set out restoring her residences, while she deals with being sought out as the newest in society. Before she knows it she has the attention of not one but 3 gentleman pursuing her. Never thinking that she would find love, she is caught off guard when she believes she found someone to love after all.

Elisabeth has a good head on her shoulder and it shows when she nicely navigates her encounters with each of the gentleman pursuing her. With each new acquaintance she meets the story develops into a mystery because people are not what they seem to portray. The secondary characters complement the story well and make it quite entertaining. Throw in a little danger and it was an absolute captivating story. Fans of regency romance will absolute enjoy this story.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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