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When the Brass Ring Grabs You

What would you do for five millions dollars?

When John Watson answered that question he gets in way over his head.

The FBI, a crooked police chief and a Colombian Drug Lord are all looking for him.

Two things may save him. They don’t know his name. And his first high school crush, Bonnie Greene.

And if John is being honest, Bonnie isn’t the most stable person, especially after losing her seven-year-old daughter. She’s been working out of the Riverview Motel, making money the “old-fashion” way. And she likes to drink a little too much.

Just how far will John and Bonnie go, what will they discover and how will the Brass Ring Grab them?



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Dream Cast for When the Brass Ring Grabs You


In the role of John Watson, I wanted Tom Cruise.  I know what you’re thinking but if you’re going to dream then dream big.  At the time I wrote the book, he would’ve been feasible as John.  I had no clue how long it took to make a movie and that it took years just to get one started.  My John is in his mid to late thirties, old enough to know better and still young enough not to care.  At that age, I think you begin to see your life being set in cement.  If it’s not going the way you always saw it, then you may just start to panic and be willing to take one last chance, be it legal or not.  By the time this movie is made it might be a little hard to portray Tom in his mid to late thirties.  I won’t be the one casting these roles so I’ll leave it up to those who will.

In the role of Ginger Watson, I wanted Nicole Kidman for pretty much the same reason I chose Tom, if you’re going to dream then well, you know.  She was actually married to Tom at one point and I believe she could pull off the ‘Bitch’ role Ginger was going to need.  She also has red hair, so the ‘Ginger’ would make sense.  She would’ve been around the right age as well and now, not so much.

I saw Brad Pitt as Gary Watson.  He is only a couple of years younger than Tom Cruise and they have acted together before.  Brad could also pull off being able to kick Tom’s ass as he promises several times throughout the book.  Yes, I’m aware this movie was going to cost a king’s ransom.

Carlos Cabrera, would be Antonio Banderas.  I still hear his voice in Carlos’ dialogue.  A very polite and quite educated Spanish accent.  Age is now a problem here too so I switched my Carlos to Michael Mando who plays Nacho in “Better Call Saul

I always had Zoe Saldana as Candy Cane.  If the movie were made today then she would still be my Candy.  She is tough and smart and to the point always.  She is pretty enough to wow Carlos Cabrera into forgetting his dead wife.

For Puddy Cat Jones I wanted Samuel L. Jackson.  He is one of the best actors in Hollywood and could also pull off the dialogue.  Actually, the Jules Winnfield character from Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” was my Puddy.

And last but absolutely not least, Charlize Theron as Bonnie Greene.  She is also one of the best actresses in Hollywood.  She is beautiful and could believably pull off a woman who has been to Hell more than once.

About the Author:

Nate Jenkins, born in Channelview, Texas, went on to receive an Associates of Applied Science degree from Texas State Technical Institute majoring in Computer Science Technology. Now a retired computer programmer with computer codes he’s written spread all over the world, Nate is a musician who loves music of all kinds. As a father of three, two sons and a daughter, and a grandfather of three, Nate currently lives in Pearland, Texas where he is playing out a lifelong passion for writing. When the Brass Ring Grabs You is the first book in Nate’s I’ve Always Heard… series. Keep an eye out for much more from this talented author!

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