Leigh’s Review – Mr. Big by Delancey Stewart

The writing was good and the author told a sweet tale. But frankly I found myself overly agitated by this story. ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures 

He’s tortured and dark, angsty and arrogant. You want the truth? He’s kind of an A-hole.

He’s also the CEO.

Everything in my life goes according to plan, and that’s the way I like it. I got the degree. I got the job. Now I just need to prove that I have what it takes to succeed in the real world.

If there’s one thing that’s not in my plans, it’s falling in love with my boss.

Most relationships don’t start with one person calling the other out in public for being an arrogant jerk. Then again, most CEOs don’t cut their own employees in line at the coffeehouse and bark orders at people like they own the place.

Maybe pissing Oliver Cody off isn’t the right move. And now that he’s part of my world, all my plans go straight to hell.

I had somewhat of a hard time with this book. The story was cute, the supporting characters likeable and the writing very easy to read. But the main characters, boy did I want to smack them. I found that I kept having to put the book down as a way of punishing them for getting on my nerves so much.

The story was not particularly original, but still sweet. Holland wanted to move up in her company where the environment is one that doesn’t give women a fair shake. So, following the adage that it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission, she devises a use for the company’s flagship product that will get her noticed. And it does. By a jerk in a coffee shop. Who also happens to be the CEO that had been MIA for several months.

Their relationship blossoms under false pretenses, but I couldn’t entirely blame Oliver for his sin of omission. As a couple, Oliver and Holland were cute and worked well together. And since I enjoy that whole “secretly I’m your boss” trope, I enjoyed watching them get to know one another with the secret hanging over them. I was a fan of the two of them together.

Until I wanted to shake both of them for being stubborn, selfish and needing to just get over themselves.

Holland was a woman who wanted to stand on her own two feet, which was admirable. She came up with an idea to revolutionize the company she worked for. She asked for assistance. But when it was given to her, now she whined that she didn’t do it on her own. When she was rewarded for her efforts, she bemoaned the fact that the recognition wasn’t justified because she didn’t earn it the way she wanted to. She had her lists, her plans, her life mapped out to the most precise detail. She just needed to stop.

And don’t even get me started on Oliver. The man needed to grow up. His solution to everything was to run away. Problem with your parents? Disappear to an island for months at a time and leave your company and employees in a lurch while you bemoan the fact that you feel unwanted. Throw stuff and pout. Never mind obligation. Relationship issues? Forget anyone else, just walk off and assume money will solve every problem.

I frankly found myself overly agitated by this story. The writing was good and the author told a sweet tale. I wanted to be so in love with these two characters because they were worth it. But they just frustrated the hell out of me.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

3.5 stars

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