Kitty’s Review – Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt

Stud is a must read for anyone who enjoys nerdom, a love-hate relationship and hot sex.Think “Mad Men” meet “The Big Bang Theory” and you’ll have the gist of it. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures

Large. Hot. With a pump of sexual tension.

When the barista next door teams up with a slick ad executive in this sweet standalone novel from USA Today bestselling author Jamie K. Schmidt, they both get a taste of unexpected love.

Terri Cooke wishes she could give Mick Wentworth a piece of her mind. The infuriating stud muffin walks into her coffee shop every morning expecting his regular order at 8:57 on the dot, without ever acknowledging Terri’s presence—except for staring at her cleavage. And yet she can’t deny that Mick Wentworth has an animal magnetism that’s stronger and richer than any espresso . . . which explains why Terri says yes when he suddenly, inexplicably asks her out.

After the morning coffee run, Mick’s day is all downhill from there. His family’s marketing firm is dysfunctional in more ways than one, so to save the business, Mick desperately needs to impress their newest client. When he learns that Terri’s a fan of their trendy product, he tries to get inside her head. It doesn’t hurt that she’s the barista he’s been lusting after for the past five months. But as things heat up with Terri, Mick finds that a little steam is just the jolt he needs to turn his whole life around.

Stud was an interesting story that had me really wanting more from Jamie K. Schmidt.

A barista that is really a marketing guru … a marketing exec that needs all the help he can get with his latest client … a family that is as dysfunctional as it gets. I loved every component of this story and I really do not want to summarize it for you. It’s a must read for anyone who enjoys nerdom, a love-hate relationship and hot sex.

Terri is working three jobs helping support her sick brother. Mick has the father from hell, a human resources nightmare mother and a playboy brother. Terri also has the knowledge that Mick needs to keep his client happy. Now, Mick needs to learn everything that he can about playing video games and the gamers that he has to impress while keeping his hands to himself. Think “Mad Men” meet “The Big Bang Theory” and you’ll have the gist of it.

Sexy and funny, twists and turns. A story about two people who should have everything going for them but have to deal with what life throws their way. A woman who knows her stuff but knows that she has an obligation that must be fulfilled and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. A man who has to deal with keeping the family business from going under and fight his mother, father and brother along with the lust that he feels whenever he is around his little barista. Yes, the makings for some fun and interesting times.

I seriously enjoyed this story. I loved how Terri and Mick met. I loved the scene in the nightclub. I loved the inner workings of Mick’s family. I loved how devoted Terri was to her brother. But, most of all, I loved how the story ended. Jamie K. Schmidt took some serious subjects and wrote a story that warmed my heart, made me smile and proved that being a nerd could be a good thing.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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