Kitty’s Review – Encore by Ruth Clampett

Interesting story. The nerd and the stripper. Interesting and a wee-bit hot. But, Ruth Clampett made it work and gave us a nice romantic story. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

When shy programmer, Charlie, is dragged to a male revue show in Hollywood by his co-workers, the last thing he expects is to be pulled onstage. But when he’s approached by Ramon, a dancer whose only focus is to bring him pleasure, something awakens in Charlie that can’t be denied.

Heated attraction only goes so far however when one man dreams of true love and a life finally fulfilled, and the other is still grieving the one he lost, and the mistake that cost him everything.

Can a realist and a dreamer from completely different worlds move forward and build a future together, or will their painful pasts keep them from fulfilling their destiny?

***This standalone is a M/M love story with graphic sex.***

Interesting story. The nerd and the stripper. Interesting and a wee-bit hot. But, Ruth Clampett made it work and gave us a nice romantic story.
Charlie is not really sure what his sexuality is about. He knows women do nothing for him and has absolutely no interest in going to a strip club with the women from work but, he’s talked into going. Now, he couldn’t be happier that he went.

Ramon has a past that is both inspiring and terrifying. He’s had no interest in much of anything after his last disaster but Prince Charlie intrigues him. One lap dance later and Charlie is convinced that the chemistry between them can’t be denied.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s fear of intimacy, his insecurities and his need to take care of Sasha have taken a front seat in his life. He works, he helps his sister and that’s about it. Until Ramon. As for Ramon, he’s not an open book and he’s hiding something but Charlie can’t stay away from him … until he is forced to. It doesn’t last long and when they finally give in to their feelings, the unimaginable happens. He tries to push Ramon away but, unlike before, he refuses to budge and stands right by his side.

I enjoyed the premise of this book but was not all that enthused with the dialogue. The conversations between Charlie and Ramon seemed extremely stilted to me. They didn’t ring true to life when speaking to each other and the love scene banter seemed forced. That is the one thing that truly distracted me throughout the story. The characters were well written and we understood their feelings, where they were coming from. Madame Fontanoy was wonderful and I was thrilled that she got an HEA as well as Charlie and Ramon. Sasha was a force of nature and she, too, deserved the HEA that she got. All-in-all, I enjoyed the story and loved the bit of intrigue that was thrown in.

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3.5 stars

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