Kitty’s Review – Bud (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #10) by Candace Blevins

Intriguing, intense and interesting … that is what best describes Bud by Candace Blevins. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Nickie’s an investigative journalist who recently faced some of the worst men she’s ever confronted — which would’ve been fine if the FBI hadn’t lost them when she’d practically handed them over on a silver platter.

She vacations in Cancun to get away from the horrors she saw while probing into the human trafficking organization, and doesn’t expect they’ll be able to find her while she travels under another of her pen names.

Bud is in Mexico on club business, staying in a Cancun resort dressed as an American businessman. He meets the beautiful Nicole and gets caught up protecting her when he discovers she’s all alone in Mexico with human traffickers after her. She’d paid the resort extra to provide protection services, but Bud fears the bad guys have outbid her and bought her security out from under her.

Can Bud take an investigative journalist home to Atlanta? She’s good at her job, will she turn on him if she discovers how the MC makes most of their money? His wolf isn’t taking no for an answer, and once Bud discovers Nickie writes BDSM Romance under a pen name, he isn’t inclined to argue with his inner animal.

Intriguing, intense and interesting … that is what best describes Bud by Candace Blevins. I couldn’t write the review right after I read the book. I had to sit and let everything sink in. I had to process Bud and his wolf falling for Nickie. I had to process the author and journalist angle. I had to process the intensity of masochism and sadism throughout the story. Don’t get me wrong, I know what I am getting when I pick up a book by Ms. Blevins and am prepared for just about anything that she throws at us. But, these two didn’t make sense to me so I had to really think about writing this review. Bud was wonderfully written and the story just flowed off the pages of the book but I did have a hard time with Nickie.

Bud was, and still is, a little bit of a mystery. He is powerful man and his arrogance and personality come across perfectly in the story. He says what he means and means what he says. He is up front about needing to cause pain and demands respect. He tries to give Nickie everything she needs and does make concessions for her. But, by no means, will he take a back-seat to her. He understands and respects her individualism and independence, but he had a need to able to take care of her as well.

Nickie knew her own mind. Followed her own rules. Made her own decisions. She was also willful, unforgiving and determined to find out everything that she could about Bud. She loved what he did to her, how he made her feel but didn’t trust him to be doing something illegal. When she does find out one of his business ventures, instead of trusting and talking to him, instead of listening to the people around her, she takes matters into her own hands. When she finds out the truth, she still has trouble accepting it. She had extremely high standards, flaunted her morals and, at times, came off as being better than those around her.

There is also a point where I felt like Nickie was in the relationship for herself more than for the both of them. Bud made a lot of concessions for her and then she gets her feelings hurt when she goes behind his back and he gets upset. Yep, Nickie came off a wee bit spoiled. And, that is where I had the problem with her.

Candace Blevins brings her characters, both human and paranormal, to life. I love the habit she has of bringing in supernaturals from other series and other books into her current stories. She keeps her readers entertained and invested in her stories by doing this and keeps us up to date with what is going on in their lives. She has a way of writing a story that draws you in. Her characters are all well written, her sex scenes come alive and jump off the pages at you. She gets you to understand the mindset of a sadist and a masochist and the power exchanges between them. Was I surprised that she wrote a “brat”? Yes. But, she also made us understand the consequences of being a brat.

Candace Blevins is a terrific author who knows how to get her message across and give the reader story with a bit of a bite, a little mystery, a lot of sex and a very sentimental HEA.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

4.5 stars

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