Amanda’s Review – What It Takes – A Dirt Road Love Story by Sonya Loveday

A wonderful and heartbreaking romance of young love. ~ Amanda, Guilty Pleasures 

Gracen Lowell is on the hunt for a man—but not just any man. He has to be ‘the one’. Her only problem is that no one she’s dated has ever measured up to the charming qualities of her best friend.

Slade Owens knows no matter how much he loves Gracen, he’ll never be what she’s looking for. And he dang sure isn’t going to stick around to watch her fall in love with someone else. Slade leaving the Owens’ family farm for an out-of-state job should put enough distance between the two to allow him to move on with his life and Gracen to search for her happily-ever-after.

Gracen knows asking him to stay isn’t fair. Slade thinks leaving her behind is the only thing to do. Inexplicably drawn together, the best friends must decide if they have what it takes to own up to their feelings… before it’s too late.

What it Takes by Sonya Loveday is a friends to lover’s story of two best friends looking for the one and never realizing that they’d already had with each other. Slade and Gracen have been friends since a very young age and just were too afraid to say how they really felt because they didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Slade thought it would be better to move away to Montana because he couldn’t stand the thought of her finding her true love and him having to see it every day. What they didn’t know is how powerful first love can be for them.

I really liked these two characters and how much they truly cared and loved one another. At the same time they both didn’t have enough trust and confidence in themselves to believe that the other felt the same way and wanted the same thing. While they were separated they realized how good they had it but didn’t know how to reach out for the other because stupid pride kept them from making the first move. Unfortunately Gracen got herself into a violent domestic abusive relationship, which fortunately brought back Slade to Texas. I felt the angst and despair they both felt while apart and the genuine love when they got back together. Add a bit of suspense and this was an engrossing story to read in a short amount of time. I was drawn in by the beautiful cover and so glad I could read a wonderful and heartbreaking romance of young love.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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