Slick’s Review – Tank (Moonshine Task Force #2) by Laramie Briscoe

Intense and emotional but not overly angst filled, Tank is two people thankful for the second chance they got and determined to find the happiness they both deserve. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

Life isn’t promised, love isn’t easy, and relationships aren’t always clean, but everyone has their soulmate who is willing to forgive when it would be better to forget.

Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt

I never thought in the blink of an eye my life could change, but it did. Cresting a hill driving to my favorite fishing spot, I was hit head-on by a teenager with no regard for anyone’s life but his own.

The recovery process has been hard, painful, and damn near beating me down.

The bright spot? Blaze.

Surviving the wreck has given me a second chance to make a life with her. Not knowing if I’ll ever be able to rejoin the Moonshine Task Force again has brought my world into focus. It’s made me realize what’s important.

Blaze. Stella. My brothers. My sister.

The ego that ran Blaze away before isn’t here any longer. What’s left is a man who’s holding his heart in his hands and a burning hope that once I’m healed she’ll still be around.

Daphne “Blaze” Coleman

There’s only been one person in the world who’s accepted me for who I am – from the fiery red of my hair and vibrant tattoos covering parts of my body to the smartness of my mouth and my desire to be matched in the bedroom.

That man is Trevor Trumbolt. When he asked me to give up my job as an EMT because he saw the dangers I face one scary afternoon, it spelled the end for us.

Now that he’s been injured, he needs my help and my love. I’ll give it all freely, but in the end I’m gonna need him to understand one thing about relationships. The give and take, love and sadness, pleasure and pain is a two-way street. He’s either in this with me or he’s not, but at the end of the day, I won’t let him boss me around.

If there’s anything that can handle the steel of a tank – it’s the heat of a blaze.

Laramie Briscoe offers up a second chance love story in Tank, the second book in her Moonshine Task Force series. Months apart after a serious conversation gone wrong, two stubborn people are forced with a life and death situation that brings them back together. Seeing each other at their worst once again makes them both take a hard look at their lives and make a decision to take the second chance they’ve been given and work on repairing their fragile relationship. Intense and emotional but not overly angst filled, Tank is two people thankful for the second chance they got and determined to find the happiness they both deserve.

As and EMT Daphne “Blaze” Coleman is use to responding to accidents and seeing victims in bad shape, but that didn’t prepare her for seeing her estranged boyfriend Trevor “Tank” Trumbolt battered, bruised and bleeding following a traffic accident. Knowing she must do her best to keep him alive until the med-vac team can get him, Blaze puts aside her feelings and does just that even though it brings memories of her past to the forefront. As Tank recovers Blaze is there every step of the way, but they still haven’t addressed what broke them apart before the accident and figuring it out might be harder than they both realize.

In the first book of this series, we got a hint at something going on between Blaze and Tank which comes into full focus almost immediately in this book. I appreciated that Blaze and Tank had both come to the realization that they wanted to reconnect and that given the seriousness of Tank’s accident that Blaze was determined to help him recuperate fully and put their difference aside to help him do it. I like that they both realized how lucky they were to get a second chance and they were determined not to squander it even if that meant putting their differences aside for a while. There was no doubt the connection between them and while I’m not a fan of flashbacks, I would have like to see more of their time together before the accident as I felt like I was missing a big part of who they were as a couple. Don’t get me wrong, they both felt blessed to have a chance to repair their relationship, watching them together it was easy to see the affection and love between them, but I feel like I missed some critical moments early that would have made it easier to understand their connection.

There were many heartfelt, sweet, sexy, and touching moments in Tank making it an exciting and very enjoyable romance.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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