Slick’s Review – I Need You Tonight (Pushing Limits #3) by Stina Lindenblatt

I Need You Tonight was complicated and entertaining with both a sweet and as sexy side. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

Old habits die hard. But in this sexy, heartwarming romance, a musician who’s addicted to the temptations of the road falls for a good girl who makes him want to clean up his act.

Mason Dell’s band, Pushing Limits, is a sensation, and he’s having a blast on their biggest tour yet. Then he gets a call from his best friend, who’s in the Navy, asking him to find out why his sister isn’t answering her phone. The dude once saved Mason’s life from a suicide attempt related to a gambling problem—so the two-and-a-half hour drive from L.A. to her small town is nothing.

What he finds is a sweet, successful boutique owner who’s too busy to notice when her phone dies. Nicole McCormick has nothing better to do than work. She’s bored of all the men she’s been dating: stable, career-oriented guys who are nothing like her destructive father. Mason’s is a breath of fresh bad-boy air. Their sexual connection is explosive, and with her shop undergoing renovations, Nicole even joins Pushing Limits on the road. But when Mason falls off the wagon, that’s one path she swore she’d never go down again.

While Nicole picks up her broken heart and heads home, Mason misses her like crazy. Although he wants to forge a future with her, he just doesn’t know how to leave the past behind. But for love, it’s time to learn.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Stina Lindenblatt’s Pushing Limits series and was excited to read I Need You Tonight, what appears to be the third and final book in this series. I felt like this romance had two faces; one was sweet and endearing and the other was hard and painful and while I made it through to the end there were a few times I almost gave up on it. This author wrote a tangled story with many layers and I appreciated the fact it wasn’t an easy romance, but I also hated that despite the level of intimacy this couple had and the depth of their feelings that there were lies and deceit between them.

Mason Dell loves his life; the tattooed bad boy drummer of Pushing Limits is enjoying his rock and roll lifestyle and knows his band is about to break out big time. So when the man that saved his life a few years back calls and asks him for a favor he has no problems dropping everything to run and check on that man’s sister, he just never expects for her to change his life forever.

After a really bad relationship Nicole McCormick made a list of requirements for her perfect man, but several dates with men who bit the bill have left her uninspired. When her brother’s best friend shows up on her doorstep to check up on her, she knows instantly that Mason is the complete opposite of her “perfect man,” too bad her body doesn’t understand.

I loved the first part of this book when Mason shows up on Nicole’s doorstep and he ends up staying for awhile. I liked that they became friends and they were comfortable with one another from the start and while I appreciated that they agreed to what was basically a “friends with benefits” arrangement, I hated that as their feelings changed they never discussed what they were feeling. This led them both to feeling unwanted; Mason because he wasn’t anything like Nicole’s “perfect man” and Nicole because she couldn’t offer Mason the variety he claimed he needed. To top it off Mason was harboring some really big secrets that he should have shared with Nicole especially after his father passed away. It bothered me that he claimed he loved her, but she didn’t really know him at all and he let her fall in love with just the pieces he was willing to show her.

As Pushing Limits popularity increases so does the expectations and stress that comes from being a much sought after opening act. It was fun seeing the rest of the band members and their significant others and getting glimpse into their lives once again. I enjoyed the camaraderie between the guys and how they brought Nicole into their fold, but I was also a bit disappointed in the fact that despite Mason’s problems in the past none of his band mates, the men he called his brothers, took action when he was slipping away from them.

While I was thrilled with the outcome of I Need You Tonight, I can’t say that I loved this book as much as the others in this series. There were a few unanswered questions that still plague me and the lies and deceit made it hard for me to accept this relationship fully. That being said, this book was complicated and entertaining with both a sweet and a sexy side.

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3.5 stars

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