Kitty’s Review – Wicked Grind (Stark World #1) by J. Kenner

J. Kenner, again, gives us a sexually charged book about lost love, mistrust and love found again. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Photographer Wyatt Royce’s career is on the verge of exploding. All he needs is one perfect model to be the centerpiece of his sexy, controversial show. Find her, and Wyatt is sure to have a winner.

Then Kelsey Draper walks in. Stunning. Vibrant. And far too fragile for a project like this. Wyatt should know—after all, he remembers only too well why their relationship ended all those years ago.

Determined to break free from her good girl persona, Kelsey wants spice. Adventure. And she’s certain that Wyatt is just the man to help.

But when Wyatt agrees to give her the job only if he has complete control—on camera and in his bed—Kelsey can’t help but wonder if she’s in too deep. Because how can a good girl like her ever be enough for a man like Wyatt?

I am not sure where to start with Wicked Grind. First, and foremost, I love J. Kenner and her writing style. I’m usually really invested in her stories and can’t stop reading until I’m done. It took me a while to really get into this S.I.N novel. That does not mean that the story wasn’t interesting and sexy … it was. My drawback was Kelsey. I am a total sucker for strong woman who know how to go after and get what they want and Kelsey took a while to get to that place for me.

There was a lot of back-story that needed to be told and I loved every minute of it. I hoped, as I was reading it, that everything that happened would make Kelsey stronger. Instead, it just ate at her self-esteem and made her feel nothing but disdain. She knew that her father played mind games with her. She knew that he was the reason behind her not going after her dreams. She knew that he was the only reason why she couldn’t trust herself not to cause damage to those she loved.

Wyatt comes from a high-powered Hollywood family. He wants nothing more than to make a name for himself and not ride his family’s coat-tails. He fell in love 12 years ago and was heart-broken when she ran out on him. Was she playing him then or is she playing him now? I guess they will never know since she keeps running out … just when he needs her the most.

Kelsey knows that she has to stop running, has to stop blaming herself for her brother’s accident, has to stop … just stop and live her life the way that she wants to live it. Wyatt brings out the fearless in her, the bad. But, can she trust herself to give her all to his project, anonymous or not, and not have everything crash down around her? Just when she is getting confident, giving her heart to Wyatt again, loving her life, one person messes everything up and she runs … again. But, this time, she realizes what she’s giving up and finally reaches for the brass ring.

Once I got over the whole Kelsey thing, I loved this story. It was a beautiful story about woman, how strong they are, how they own their sexuality and how the world perceives them. Wyatt was unbelievable in his determination to bring out the power of woman in pictures. And, once she gave herself totally over to Wyatt, Kelsey represented the insecurities and confidence of women everywhere. J. Kenner, again, gave us a sexually charged book about lost love, mistrust and love found again. I was angered, then I was cheering … I was frowning, then I smiled … I was heartbroken and then I grinned from ear to ear as the story ended.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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