Shelley’s Review – Dare You to Run (Unbroken Heroes #2) by Dawn Ryder

Sexy alpha men, looking to protect and serve. ~ Shelly, Guilty Pleasures 

Serve and protect

For Vitus Hale, only one mission has ever gone wrong. All he had to do was rescue a beautiful woman from her kidnappers. But falling hard into bed—and into love—with the stunning innocent was not part of the game plan, and when she leaves him in the dust, Vitus has nothing but a blemished record and a hardened heart. Now, after three long years, his beauty has finally come back into his life—and this time, failure is not an option…

Seduce and destroy

Damascus Ryland knew from their first steamy embrace that stoic warrior Vitus Hale is the only man for her, but when her power-hungry Congressman father offered her an ultimatum—sever ties with Vitus, or he dies—Damascus knew she had to walk away to save the man she loved. But now, three years later, a new threat is closing in on her—and tossing Vitus right back into her life. Damascus needs to keep her love for him locked in her heart if she is to keep him safe, but the old flame that burned between them is still as vibrant and hot as ever. Now, Damascus and Vitus must risk it all to find their freedom…and embrace their love…

Vitus is all about the mission, being with a top-secret Special Ops unit, but when he falls hard for the woman he rescues things start to go wrong or right.

Damascus is stuck under the ugly thumb of her father, all she wants is out and she commits to a secret job to do so, but little does she know all the secrets that are intertwined in the end

I had a real hard time reading this book, it was like it went fast and hard from the get go, the damsel was rescued and they were in love before the 2nd chapter, but it felt like you missed some of the story. About half way through I felt I was finally getting the story and the end is not what you would predict. Would have like the story to be laid out a little better, flowing. This was the second book in the series, maybe reading the first book would have made this flow better.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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