Autry’s Review – A Touch of Frost by Jo Goodman

A Tough of Frost is my new favorite from Jo Goodman. It’s packed full of suspense, chemistry, ranchers, dramatic women and witty banter! ~ Autry, Guilty Pleasures 


After his train is robbed at gunpoint, Remington Frost awakens from a blow to find the bandits gone…along with the woman he was shadowing for protection. No stranger to risk, Remington will do what it takes to bring Phoebe Apple to safety and her kidnappers to justice. But ransoming Phoebe is just the start of trouble…

Phoebe is shocked to learn that her mysterious rescuer is none other than Remington Frost, the son of her sister’s new husband. Home at Twin Star Ranch, she falls happily into western life–and cautiously in love with Remington. But danger hides close to home, and their romance illuminates a web of secrets and betrayal that may put the rancher and his intended bride past the point of rescue.

Phoebe and Remington are an enchanting couple, her rescuing him then the tides turn and she’s in need to a hero. 

Jo Goodman has always been able to transport people back in time, create a magical cast of characters, and weave a plot that leaves the readers hanging on. Phoebe and Remington have chemistry that is off the charts, their banter had me laughing and wanting more, and then they dealt with everyday life problems. Remington’s dislike for Phoebe’s sister, Fiona, a former actress, who carries her flare of dramatic everywhere she goes. Thaddeus, Remingtons’ father, is clearly a role model for many, and defender of those he loves. Ms. Goodman threw a plot twist in that I never saw coming, the book was perfectly laid out.

I would love to read more about Frost Falls and the lives tangled together at the Frost Ranch. Jo Goodman is a creative storyteller that had me turning pages, emotionally invested and enjoying every bit of A Touch of Frost. I would recommend this novel to anyone with a like of historical western romances, a future reread for sure!!

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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One thought on “Autry’s Review – A Touch of Frost by Jo Goodman

  1. I haven’t read a Jo Goodman book in so many years. Thanks for the rec Autry

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