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A bit of suspense and danger, a lot of laughter and fun, mixed with some supremely sexy times made Sara Flynn’s Solace Island a delight to read and an admirable debut romance novel. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

Solace Island, a peaceful island village . . . or so Maggie thinks . . .

When Maggie Harris’s fiancée dumps her on the eve of their wedding, Maggie retreats to a small island in the Pacific Northwest with her sister Eve to recover from the stunning betrayal. At first Maggie resists Eve’s efforts to rope her into staying in Solace Island, launch their own local bakery, and fix her up with their incredibly handsome neighbor, Luke Benson.

But Maggie is gradually drawn in by the sexy baker and his bear-sized dog. Luke scores his first point when he shares his space with the sisters at the local Solace Island Saturday Market, where he sells his breads. But is this guy with a disarming smile, uncanny wealth and suspiciously hard body a man Maggie can trust? Just when she begins to brush off her misgivings, a car tries to plow into her in town, and Luke springs into action in strange military precision. Who is this guy really?

Luke thought he’d left the high risk security business behind. But he can’t stand by while Maggie’s life is threatened. Luke insists on moving the sisters to his house, taking Maggie into his bedroom—and into his heart. But someone wants Maggie dead. Will she give him the chance to prove to her she can find more than mind-blowing sex in the safety of his arms?

Reviewer’s note: I attended The Romantic Times convention for all of about 48 hours this year and while there found out that actress Meg Tilley was releasing her first romance novel under the name Sara Flynn. I intended to stop by her table at the book fair and by one, but alas time constraints kept me from doing so, but I was lucky enough to meet and chat with her, so the minute I got home I ran to Amazon and purchased an e-copy of Solace Island. This is her first romance novel although she told me when we chatted she’d been reading romance since she was a teenager and is a huge fan which was evident the night she helped to emcee the awards. So, it is with great pleasure I introduce you to Sara Flynn and her Solace series.

Author Sara Flynn’s debut book Solace Island was funny, emotional, and intense. It took a while for the story to build and most definitely for the romance to really get going, but I was enthralled with her characters, the beautiful Pacific Northwest setting, and the small town of Solace Island.

After her fiancé of five years dumps her via a phone call right before her wedding, Maggie Harris leaves Arizona to vacation with her sister on Solace Island. Stressed from handling all the wedding cancellations, from having to sell her half of the business she owned with her cheating ex-fiancé, and grieving the life she thought she would have Maggie gets lost finding her rental cottage and ends up looking like a crazy person to what seems to be the hottest man on the island, Luke Benson.

Luke Benson couldn’t believe his eyes when a crazed woman jumps in his arms and when he realizes it is the woman he saw crying on the ferry from the mainland he isn’t sure what to think, all he knows is what she makes him feel and he’s not sure he’s ready to go down the road again now or ever. Being set up and used by his ex-fiancée and still reeling, Luke likes his simple life on the island baking bread and selling it at the Saturday Market.

I really enjoyed the unusual way these two met and the fact that it wasn’t a sweet, romantic, or even “normal” first meeting and when Luke messes up shortly thereafter, it was easy to see that Maggie wasn’t really interested in getting to know him better, but Luke had something she needed and the more time they spend together, it was easy to see the sparks begin to fly. I liked that they both had failed relationships that left them wondering about their judgment because it made them realize what they had with those people wasn’t worth their time and what they had together was truly special. There was a slow buildup to the physical aspects of their relationship which worked in this case, and even after they got physical it became evident that Luke had been hiding a great deal about himself and he was forced to get everything out or risk the woman who owned his heart. I appreciated that Luke wanted to keep Maggie and her sister safe, but I LOVED that Maggie proved time and time again she wasn’t a weak woman who needed saving, she was pretty determined to prove she could manage just fine on her own.

My complaints; I felt like the ending was a bit rushed and we really didn’t get closure on everything that happened and part of that was that a young boy character was introduced towards the end of the book and in the epilogue he is still with Luke and Maggie, but there is no explanation as to why or how he is still with them which I found to be a bit strange and confusing, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

A bit of suspense and danger, a lot of laughter and fun, mixed with some supremely sexy times made Sara Flynn’s Solace Island a delight to read and an admirable debut romance novel.

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