Review – Muse: (Groupie #2) by Susan Daugherty

I was truly impressed with the writing style and story-telling abilities of Susan Daugherty and look forward to more from this new author. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

The fast-paced excitement of the acclaimed romance GROUPIE continues with its sequel.
Sometimes in the midst of heartbreak, a MUSE is born.

The show must go on. Even as country superstar Jack Morgan and his physical therapist, Lexie Travis, nurse their shattered hearts while on tour. Despite her best efforts, she had fallen for the one man she swore she wouldn’t. Their newfound happiness slipped away when one fateful decision led to one rash retaliation.

They continue the tour together in hopes of one day becoming friends again—if they can get over the awkwardness that now consumes each day. Jackson is sure he can win her back at first, but worries she would never be happy in his complicated world.

Each state they travel across brings new challenges and new chances for redemption. The realm of dance and choreography lures Lexie back, as Jack continues to write new songs and make changes to his concerts, inspired by his muse.

The addition of opening act, Travis McCoy, brings a rival for Lexie’s attention. Her fateful decision to go on a date with him may change her reality forever. As Jack tries to find his way back to Lexie—and to keep her away from McCoy—questions continue to surface about his past and the secrets he keeps in his notebook.

Is their promising love enough to conquer the obstacles in their path to achieve the happy ending they deserve?

****MUSE completes the Groupie series (awarded the Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal) with the ending you’ve all been waiting for!

I was so looking forward to reading the end of the Groupie series. I was stunned, upset then over-joyed. Susan Daugherty did everything in her power to make us think that there was no way for them to find their way back to each other only to give us an ending to die for!

Lexie and Travis had their ups and downs throughout this tour. The downs are winning the race and Lexie’s suggestion that they see other people only brings the story down a little more. But, it’s her date that finally gets her to see what is really in front of her and what she could have if she could just believe in her heart and true love.

Travis keeps writing, he keeps playing that 2nd to last song as tributes to her but can’t seem to get through to Lexie. He knows that she feels something but there is nothing that he can do if she doesn’t want to admit it. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, take care of her and prove to her that he only wants one Groupie.

Bringing her on tour also woke up the creative side in Lexie and, when Travis invites her to truly join them, there’s nothing that she wants more. Now, she really is a part of Jack Morgan’s tour and there may not be anything that she won’t do to overcome her fears.

The music continued … music that I loved. The lyrics Jack wrote for Lexie were true and beautiful. His career has taken off and now, so has Lexie’s.

Who would have ever thought that I would absolutely love and adore a story with “implied” sex … but I did. There was no reason for the author to write anything other than that since their love for each other was shining through. This two-book series was a true romance. I loved being in Nashville with them (my dream vacation spot) and I loved how she incorporated friends and family throughout the story. I was truly impressed with the writing style and story-telling abilities of Susan Daugherty and look forward to more from this new author.

So, here is my final challenge to Mrs. Daugherty … I want a little novella. I want to go to the wedding … I want to see what Ashley does to Kenny Chesney … I want to know if the video wins at the ACM’s … and, finally, I think Lexie deserves to choreograph a dance for Luke Bryan’s “MOVE”.

Review copy provided for a voluntary review.

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