Review – Fire in the Hole (Suncoast Society #48) by Tymber Dalton

It was not one of the author’s really heart-wrenching stories, but it is definitely a good one. ~ Shadow, Guilty Pleasures

(Note: This book is a direct sequel to Splendid Isolation.)

Is Lara’s life complicated? Not really. On the evening of her divorce, she dumps her jerk fiancé while at dinner with him and her now ex-husband, Everett, and Everett’s boyfriend, Wylie. That’s where she meets their hunky neighbor, Brad, and his teenage son, Mark.

That’s not complicated at allll.

Dr. Brad Jarred is well aware some people assume he’s little more than a Florida Cracker cowboy, but he’s actually an accomplished chemist running his family’s ranch, all while being a single father. He loves Lara’s spirit…and her strong will. She’s exactly the kind of take-charge woman he’s longed to meet and love. One thing’s for certain—at least Everett and Wylie are rooting for a relationship to flourish between the couple.

Now that Lara has the kind of guy she’s always wanted, can she be the woman Brad needs? More importantly, will Mark accept her in their lives? And why won’t her whackadoodle ex fiancé leave her alone?

Note: This book features a heroine who is a Domme.

This was a satisfying read with excellent characters, lots of suspense, and some steamy sex scenes, along with a different point approach to the BDSM scene.

Lara is celebrating her divorce from her ex-husband and his significant other with the two men in question when her current fiance shows himself to be a total asshat. That same night she meets Brad and his son Mark, who epitomize acceptance and caring that brings out Steve’s short comings even more.

But both Brad and Lara have been burned-and both have sexual preferences that have sent prospective partners running for the hills. Brad is a sexual submissive and Lara’s is dominant. In fact, her dominance clashed with her ex-husband’s need to be in charge as well as his homosexuality, which is why they divorced in spite of still loving each other. Neither Brad nor Lara is experienced in BDSM, although both are interested. They warily decide to attempt a relationship despite the obstacles, which include Mark, Lara’s ex fiance among others. Can their lives fit together as well as their sexual interests?

I liked all the characters I was supposed to like. Lara is strong but not mean, Brad is submissive but not a pushover, and Mark is simply a hero. There are some funny moments- such as Mark telling his parents individually that he is gay and finding their only concern is that he use protection.

The book was well written, and although BDSM is mentioned and lightly explored, it is not a main factor in this story. It was not one of the author’s really heart-wrenching stories, but it is definitely a good one.

Review copy provided by the author for a voluntary review.

4.5 stars

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