Review & Excerpt – Ride Rough (Raven Riders #2) by Laura Kaye

I enjoyed Ride Rough and Ms. Kaye writes with such passion that it is insanely easy to get wrapped up in her stories. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Kaye brings you the second title in her Raven Riders Series, RIDE ROUGH. A sexy romantic suspense, you might’ve first met the Ravens in the Hard Ink world, but this series about a different kind of a motorcycle club with a protective mission stands on its own and is even sexier, edgier, and grittier! The Raven Riders Series takes you on a new adventure and kicks it into overdrive! Order your copy of RIDE ROUGH today!

About Ride Rough (Raven Riders #2, 4/25/17)
Maverick Rylan won’t apologize for who he is—the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club Vice-President, a sought-after custom bike builder, and a man dedicated to protecting those he loves. So when he learns that the only woman who has ever held his heart is in trouble, he’ll move heaven and earth to save her.

Alexa Harmon thought she had it all—the security of a good job, a beautiful home, and a powerful, charming fiancé who offered the life she never had growing up. But when her dream quickly turns into a nightmare, Alexa realizes she’s fallen for a façade she can’t escape—until sexy, dangerous Maverick offers her a way out.

Forced together to keep Alexa safe, their powerful attraction reignites and Maverick determines to do whatever it takes to earn a second chance—one Alexa is tempted to give. But her ex-fiancé isn’t going to let her go without a fight, one that will threaten everything they both hold dear.

Ride Rough the second book in Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders series deals with the heavy subject of partner abuse both mentally and physically and while it was handled extremely well , I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did the first book in this series. Don’t misunderstand, it was well written and the characters were compelling, but I struggled with part of the story and there was so much going on in this book that I felt the couple got a bit lost in the rest of the story instead of being the focus of it.

Years ago Maverick and Alexa were a couple, but with her brother’s grief and her mother’s emotional state Alexa needed more from Maverick and when he balked for just a moment in time she broke up with him and walked out of his life never looking back. Now engaged to a powerful man, working in his company, living in his home and planning a wedding just weeks ago Alexa thinks she has it all, but the closer they get to the wedding the more she realizes that something is “off” with her fiancé, Grant, and when Maverick inserts himself in her life again she begins to see that security and safety are two very different things.

Maverick really impressed me with his handling of Alexa especially when he began to suspect exactly what was happening in her life. He could have gone in all guns blazing, but instead he settled for being there for her as a friend, for making sure she was okay, and to help when she needed it. I liked that he understood what was happening and was determined to let her figure it out, but be close by when she did and needed him.

As difficult as it is to see women get caught up in an abusive relationship, I can also understand it because I’ve seen it happen to someone close to me. Alexa was smart, but an abuser is good at picking their victims and figuring out what they need to feel safe, make them feel that way and then pull the rug out from underneath them. Most women are not as lucky as Alexa to have someone willing to jump in and help and she not only had Maverick, but the whole Raven Riders crew.

As these two had history it wasn’t a surprise that they moved pretty quickly into a physical relationship, but to be honest it kind of bothered me. Alexa was coming out of a long term relationship that turned abusive over time, but she easily moved on to another man without any counseling or even really thinking about the fact she moved from one man’s bed to another man’s bed in the blink of an eye. It was evident the Alexa and Maverick shared a closeness that couldn’t be denied and I love the passion and tenderness they shared especially given what she had endured.

I am really enjoying getting to know all the members of the Raven Riders and with each book their personalities come out a bit more. While there is no doubt their activities sometimes skirt the law, these are men who a passionate about helping women and children out of bad situations and giving back to their community.

Despite my few issues with Ride Rough, I did enjoy the story and Ms. Kaye writes with such passion that it is insanely easy to get wrapped up in her stories and be excited about what is coming next.

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 RIDE ROUGH by Laura Kaye – EXCERPT – Just this once

“I want you. Feels like I’ve been wanting you my whole life.” Alexa peered up at him, her eyes so vibrant they were nearly green.

Maverick pulled back, her words hitting him in all kinds of places, some comfortable, some even healing, but some less so. “You can’t toy with me, Alexa. Not when I’ve wanted you for so long. Not when I never wanted to let you go in the first place. This . . . this can just be fucking. But don’t you dare say anything you don’t mean.”

She stroked his hair. “Truth?”

He gave a tight nod and prepared for the worst, even as he hoped for a shot.

“Truth is, I don’t know what this means. Yet. I am so messed up right now. I’m not even going to hide that. But . . .” She tilted her head, and her expression was filled with something Mav didn’t want to name, but it sure as hell looked like affection. “But I know I want this. I want you, Maverick. Right now. And wanting you feels like one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in forever. Everything else be damned.” Her voice was shaky and breathy and her words were so full of dangerous, dangerous hope that Maverick didn’t dare move.

His muscles nearly shook with the force of his restraint, because his body was literally screaming at him. Screaming at him to just let go. “Fuck, Alexa.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I never wanted to hurt you. But I want you. I want you inside me right now more than I want my next breath.”

Even though his mind was rolling out a list of all the reasons why this was a no good what the fuck are you thinking very bad idea, Maverick’s body grabbed the reins. On a groan, he went in for a kiss, rougher than he intended, but the moan she unleashed when his mouth crashed down on hers told him she didn’t mind. They fumbled with clothes. Her boxers. His jeans. Until they were both naked and pressed tight, all hot skin on skin, and his cock ground against her soft folds until she was mewling and writhing and silently pleading with the rough, desperate grip of her hands on his shoulders, his back, his ass.

A big part of Maverick wanted to pick Alexa up and carry her to his bed—where his heart said she belonged—but this wasn’t about that. At least not yet, and he wasn’t giving either of them any more time to think than he already had.

He needed her too damn bad. Just this once. In case that’s all it was.

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Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and monster puppy, Schuyler, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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  1. Great review. Thank you. I liked this one. It was a little hard to read at times because of the partner abuse both mentally and physically, but I ended up enjoy Ride Rough a little more then I did book one. I’m excited for the 3rd installment to come out in the Raven Riders series.

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