ARC Review – Nova (The Renegades #2) by Rebecca Yarros

Nova was a high-powered, emotionally charged story that will satisfy your need for extreme sports and true love. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

The only heart he wants is the one he already broke…

He’s Landon Rhodes.
The Renegade they call Nova.
Sinfully gorgeous, broody, tatted-up, professional snowboarder.
Four-time X Games medalist—
Full-time heartbreaker.

They say a girl broke him once—
That’s why he’s so reckless, so driven, so careless with his conquests.
But I’m that girl.
They can call me his curse all they want.
He and I both know the truth—
He’s the one who destroyed me,
And I’m not the sucker who will let that happen again.

***NOVA can be read as a standalone***

Review copy provided for a voluntary review. 

I have no idea where to start with Nova. I had so many mixed emotions and feelings throughout this story that it may be hard to put into words. I will honestly say that I loved Nova. I feel like Rebecca Yarros kicked it up a notch with the 2nd Renegade book. The characters seemed to have more depth to them and the story, itself, a little meatier.

So, I didn’t think Rebecca Yarros had it in her to write a real Bitch. But, she does and she proved it with Rachel. Now, please don’t get me wrong, Rachel had a right to be hurt. But, boy does she know how to hold a grudge. There is no explanation, no reason, no excuse that Landon can give that will make Rachel even stop and consider why he left. No empathy for the other members of the Renegades and what it would have cost them if he stayed with her. She came off, to me, as being one unforgiving Bitch. A fun bitch, at times … an interesting bitch, at times … then a forgiving bitch. Yea, she comes around but it takes a whole lot on Landon’s part and her finally finding out the whole truth and just what outside forces really caused all her heartache.

Now, Landon wasn’t totally in the clear in this whole mess. But, I have to hand it to him – he’s one determined guy. He knows he had to build her trust in him again. He knows his “Nova” ways are biting him in the ass. He knows he must tell her the whole truth. But, how does he do that without making himself look even worse in her eyes? Just when things start looking up for them, when she finally starts facing her feelings, when she finds her roots with him at her side, the truth comes out. Everything he was afraid of happening, happens. But, he’ll prove to her that he’s changed, that he will do whatever it takes to make her see him as a different person … even giving up everything he worked so hard to achieve.

All the Renegades are around. Penna has some serious problems and, hopefully, will handle them soon. Leah and Wilder are all still mushy, mushy. Sometimes sickeningly so. The stunts and descriptions of the ports and countries that they visited were beautifully described. You can tell that a lot of research went into the writing of this book. My only disappointment … did they win at the X Games? So not fair that she didn’t let us in on that little secret.

But, Rebecca Yarros did it again. She has me totally involved in the lives of her characters. And, as I said, I went through a lot of emotions while reading Nova. I was angry, I was sad … I smiled and then frowned … I was scared then relieved. It’s nice that an author can bring out all those different emotions within one story. Nova was a high-powered, emotionally charged story that will satisfy your need for extreme sports and true love.

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