Spotlight On – Beast Rising by Angela Adams

A Best Rising by Angela Adams

The Huntresses are stepping up their game. So are the forces arrayed against them.

Embracing the Huntresses could mean death to the wolves who love them.

The Order of the Wolf, Book 7

Mayhem is furious. While he and the boys have been rocking it out on stage at a series of concerts in Scotland, Darcy and Aubrey have been sneaking out for, as they so defiantly put it, “training.”

Raven is cut to the bone when he discovers what Darcy’s been doing behind his back. But simply forbidding the women from hunting isn’t the answer. Though it makes him uneasy, he talks Mayhem into joining forces to train alongside their women.

Training is in full swing when they encounter a pair of ancient Huntresses battling each other with powers Darcy and the girls can only dream about. Taking sides turns out to be a mistake when Darcy and Raven are kidnapped, and an evil plan is put into play to use the girls’ powers to unleash Lazarus, the king of the beasts.

The only way to defeat him is for the Order, Huntresses, and Wolves to put their mutual mistrust aside and unite. Or the world could be flooded with an unending river of feral beasts.

Warning: Contains sex in public places, a virtual reality threesome, and some red hot lovin’. Female warriors with an attitude who won’t be shackled or coddled, and rock star werewolf mates who are hard pressed to keep up
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When daylight hit, Mayhem didn’t transform into his wolf. He remained a beast and much to his shock, when he willed himself to change back to a human, his body obeyed.
“Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed on a burst of breath. “Did you just see that?”
The pack was alone, as the rest of the group moved back into the house on various preparation missions.
Hannah threw herself into his arms and kissed his neck. “You did it! You’ve mastered the beast!”
“This is fantastic. I’ve never had so much control.” He blasted both Jay and Dy with a concentrated internal order. Testing out the hive mind idea, sending them the directive as non-negotiable. “Change back, now. We need to talk.”
Dy complied immediately. “That is fucking awesome!” he yelled as he gave himself a once-over visual inspection. “It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before.”
With a groan, Jay struggled, clawing at his arms in frustration.
“Hannah, sweetie, can you give Jay a hand with things?” Mayhem said, concerned that Jay wasn’t as in control as Dy appeared to be.
Hannah nodded, closed her eyes, her brows furrowed as she tapped into whatever Jay was feeling. Mayhem projected his command again, giving Jay the order to obey.
Jay’s face contorted into a painful grimace before he finally shifted back to his human form. He hit the ground a second after that, his legs giving way. He looked up, his eyes rimmed red and bloodshot. “What the fuck is happening to me? I feel like I’ve got a fucking battle going on inside of me. It hurts like hell.”
“Well, you were shot…by a Huntress,” Summer said as she moved to his side. “I’ve been helping you battle the poison. You’re in the clear now. It’s pretty much gone. I’ll give you another dose though just to be sure.”
“I got shot?” He frowned. “Where’s Aubrey?” He looked around, his eyes suddenly shifting frantically.
“You tried to kill me,” Mayhem said, his tone hard. “And Aubrey killed Raven.”
Jay snapped his eyes to Mayhem, his skin going deathly white as he processed those words. “Raven’s dead?”
“There’s a lot you’ve missed.” Mayhem held his hand out, an offer for support. “Let’s get ourselves inside. Summer can dose you again. Then we’ll talk.”
Jay nodded. “Can you just tell me…” He gulped. “Is Aubrey dead too?”
“No,” Mayhem said, for the first time, his gut twisted a bit, knowing that what he was going to tell Jay was not going to sit well. “She’s not dead.”


About the Author

Every day is Halloween for author Angela Addams. Enthralled by the paranormal at an early age, Angela spends most of her time thinking up new story ideas that involve supernatural creatures in everyday situations. She believes that the written word is an amazing tool for crafting the most erotic of scenarios. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her loving husband and children.
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