Jan 26

Fifty Shades Darker Giveaway!!

Are you ready to win something DARKER? 

We LOVE giving our followers chances to win cool things!  Universal Pictures has given us this amazing #FIftyShadesDarker prize package to give one of our lucky followers!  To enter to win please fill out the Rafflecopter form.

This contest will close at 12:00 am on 2/15/17.  Winner will be notified by noon on 2/15/17 and have 24 hrs to respond with their mailing address. If there is no response within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected.

P.S. I really am jealous that I can’t keep this for myself 😉 

One (1) winner receives:

Fifty Shades Darker Shirt, Vanity Bag, Lip Balm

Giveaway is open to everyone worldwide

Be sure to visit all of the #OfficialFifty sites to increase your chances to win. Universal gave each of us a prize package to give away!


#OfficialFifty #FiftyShadesDarker

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Arlene

    I can’t pick one thing because I’m excited to see the movie as a whole, but I am definitely excited to seeing Christian and Ana meeting again and watching their relationship develop.

    1. DiDi

      I think I’m even more excited to see Darker that I was Grey and I was pretty dang excited for FSOG 🙂

  2. Holly Peters

    I’m not sure if this is the blog area I’m supposed to comment on if not sorry but my answer is one can’t wait to see the lipstick scene

    1. DiDi

      You are in the right space! And that’s one of the one’s I can’t wait to see either 🙂

  3. Lisa

    This Fifty Shades contest is awesome!

    1. DiDi

      It is and I wish I could win LOL 😉

  4. Berenice Balderas

    I want to see when Christian proposes to Ana! I can’t wait to see the movie. And thanks 4 the opportunity!! 😀

    1. DiDi

      RIGHT! The pics we’ve seen of that scene are so gorgeous! You’re welcome 🙂

  5. Sabrina

    Can’t wait for submissive Christian!!

    1. DiDi

      YES!!! I am pretty sure I will be in tears!

  6. Karen Olivares

    I can’t wait to see the Grace scene!!!! Jamie and Dakota are amazing 😍

    1. DiDi

      OMG yes! It’s really hard to pick just one scene 🙂

  7. Amanda

    I loooove all these goodies! And can’t wait to go Darker!

    1. DiDi

      Right! 🙂

  8. Angel Martin

    The scene that I can’t wait to see is when Christian goes “submissive”.

    1. DiDi

      OMG me too!

  9. Abby

    When Christian allows Ana to touch him

    1. DiDi

      I think I’m going to crying through half this movie and fanning myself through the other half LOL

  10. Sofia

    I can’t wait to watch the Submissive Christian scene.

    1. DiDi

      Me too! It seems to be one of the most anticipated scenes.

  11. Tami Gochenaur

    I can’t wait for the movie!!! Especially with all the premiers and interviews that are coming up!! It’s so close now,,!!!

    1. DiDi

      It is so close and I cannot wait!

  12. Camila

    The submissive Christian scene is one that I’m eager to see, mostly because is the moment that Christina opens himself completely to Ana’s love. He shows her that he has a very strong facade, but he is still broken inside due to his childhood traumas.

    1. DiDi

      Yes it’s when he makes that pivotal change. I love everything about Darker!

  13. Susana

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

    1. DiDi

      Me either! You’re welcome!

  14. Susie

    I can’t wait for this movie, I’d like to see Christian proposing Ana!!

    1. DiDi

      The proposal is going to be such a beautiful scene!

  15. Anushka

    I’m nt just excited for one d scenes, I’m excited for whole movie, it may b adapted bt it has its own uniqueness!!..

    1. DiDi

      You are so right! I can’t wait to see the bits of new stuff and changes. I am going to re-read Darker next week before I head to LA for the premier 🙂

      1. Anushka

        I’d suggest don’t read it. Just go n have fun. N try to c it as a any movie. It’d b more fun if u try n understand it own itz own.😁😊

  16. Karla Valenzuela

    Darker Is my favorite book and I’m really excited for “hearts and flowers” 💞💐💍😪

  17. Tarah

    I’m so excited for really everything in this movie! But I really can’t wait for Anna drawing on him with lipstick, and then Christian the submissive

  18. Anonymous

    What a great prize!

  19. Vera

    I can’t wait to see the scene of Charlie Tango crashing!

    1. DiDi

      I will be crying!

  20. velvet

    I can’t wait to see the scene where Christian returns after the helicopter crash and Ana is waiting with his family silently praying for him to return to her. When he enters the room and says “can I say hi to my girl” I will be on the floor. 😊

    1. DiDi

      OMG yes! I can’t wait to hear him say that!

  21. Caroline Brannigan

    I’m really excited to see the scene with Leila when she has the gun in the apartment! Ahhhhh This movie is going to be Amazing! Soooo excited! Thanks for the Chance xxx

    1. DiDi

      I am dying to see it!

  22. Melissa Henry

    Submissive Christian!’

  23. Sharon Broom

    There are so many scenes I can’t wait to see! I think the lipstick scene is my most anticipated but also can’t wait for submissive Christian, Hearts and flowers, and Ana ‘sharing’ her drink with Mrs Robinson! So excited for this film!

  24. Anonymous

    I know I can’t win but want to comment anyway! Good luck to everyone xx

  25. Maria

    Would love this, so excited for the movie

  26. Anonymous

    Me, please. And, I’m looking forward to the whole movie. I just wish I was watching it with your Mom and Carly again!

  27. Mell

    All the prizes in the contest are amazing. Good luck to everyone!

  28. Mary Jo

    It’s between the lipstick scene and when he opens up the “YES” keychain

  29. Samien

    So many scenes! The beginning at the art show, Charlie Tango disappearing, the proposal, throwing a drink at Elena…!!! I can’t wait.

  30. Autumn

    The shower scene! 😉

  31. Lisa

    Like the others I’m excited for the movie not just one scene!

  32. Beverly C Lopez

    “What? “Christian, what are you doing?”
    He continues to stare down, not looking at me.
    “Christian! What are you doing?” I repeat in a high-pitched voice. He doesn’t move. “Christian, look at me!” I command in panic.
    His head sweeps up without hesitation, and he regards me passively with his cool gray gaze—he’s almost serene … expectant.
    Holy Fuck … Christian. The submissive.”

  33. Madelyne

    Christian wandering around the supermarket bewildered and trying to chop veggies is going to be great comic relief!

  34. Kim

    Ana’s first meeting with Elena!

    1. DiDi

      ohh yeah! And Mama Grey’s reaction!

  35. Lisa

    I’m most excited for al the bad scenes. Jack, Leila, Mrs Robinson and the helicopter crash. I’m excited to see how they all play out.

  36. Kim

    When Christian pursues Ana again at the art show and when he returns from the helicopter crash.

  37. jodi marinich

    the hot sex scenes

  38. Karoline

    Definitely the proposal! And the lipstick scene.

  39. Daina Moseley

    Looking forward to the ball!

  40. Brandi

    Im looking forward to the whole movie, but i’m really lookin forward to seeing Christian the submissive. It will be a way we’ve never seen him before =(

  41. Erin

    I can’t pick just one scene, I want them all! Thanks 🙂

  42. Sara Johnson

    I am so excited for darker!! The scenes that I am totally looking forward to is “Christian the submissive” scene. I just fell in love with how EL James described the whole scene, who a guy like Christian is willing to leave everything that he has known, what he craved just for a girl’s love. I love it because it shows that when you find the right guy, he will be willing to do anything just to make you stay. So, yeah. 😳 Fingers crossed!!! Hope I win this one!! 🙌🙌

  43. Sara Johnson

    It would be Christian the submissive scene, so heartbreaking. 😭😭 And when Charlie tango gets missing. I quote again “Heartbreaking” 😭😭

  44. Simona

    My favorite scene is when Cristian tells Anastasia for the first time to love her, “You love me” “Yes,” she whispers. “I love you.”
    Thank you so much for this chance … I’m very excited for this movie. I love this trilogy! ❤️

  45. Samantha

    Hands down it has to be the submissive Christian scene.

  46. sharon

    I want the lipstick scene.

  47. Stephanie O'Brien

    I am looking forward to the proposal scene and watching Ana’s face as Christain walks back in after the helicopter crash!

  48. Renee M

    I hope you have an amazing time in LA Dawn. Thanks for the chance to win too.

  49. Novi

    I am looking forward to see the scene when Christian is staying in Ana’s apartment,,”put them off” scene when they have dinner,,”lift” scene after dinner,,charity party of Grey’s family and of course the scene in Christian old bedroom. I’m dying waiting for this movie badly….

  50. KV

    I’m looking forward to the proposal.

  51. Carolina

    I can’t wait for when Christian proposes to Ana!! <3

  52. Jenny Q

    I am a huge EJ fan so I can’t wait until we meet Jack for the first time!

  53. Samantha

    The masquerade ball

  54. Samantha

    The elevator scene

  55. Michelle

    I’m excited to see the undeniable chemistry

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