ARC Review – A Shot with You (Bourbon Brothers #2) by Teri Anne Stanley

I really enjoyed A Shot With You. It was sweet, fun and romantic. ~ Kitty, Guilty Pleasures 

Bourbon is in Brandon Morgan’s blood. His family owns the best bourbon brand in the country—or it will be with his marketing genius. And after meeting the fiery daughter of a tequila distillery owner, he’s never been more sure.

His barrels, her tequila. It’s a match made in heaven. But only if he can keep his hands off the owner’s daughter…and his secrets to himself.

Lesa Ruiz will do anything to keep Little Possum afloat, but one look at Brandon’s gorgeous dimples and Lesa knows two things for sure: forever is not in the cards with this man and he’s way too sexy to resist for long.

Well, three things… Brandon is hiding something, and she’ll need to get a lot closer to figure it out and save her family’s legacy. Shots, anyone?

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A Shot With You is definitely a romantic comedy that has 2 beautiful dogs that steal the show along with a sexy, workaholic man and a fun-loving, rambunctious woman who would like nothing better to have a fling, help save the family business and get on with her life. But, sometimes things just don’t happen the way you plan.

Brandon and Lesa were the classic opposites attract couple. He was burned one to many times and threw himself into proving himself at Blue Mountain Bourbon. She was tied down her whole life and wants nothing more than to see Pequeña Zarigüeya (Little Oposum) on its feet so that she could start traveling. But, that may not be in the cards for her. Brank is proving to be hard to resist and she’s feeling very comfortable in backwoods Kentucky.

Brandon Frank Morgan is suddenly finding himself lusting after a potential business partner … something he swore he would never do again. There is something different about Lesa and he can’t stop himself from caring about her. Then the inevitable happens and he thinks he’s been played, again. Time to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Lesa soon finds out that it’s no fun traveling alone, that she misses Mabel and Maude and that maybe the backwoods of Kentucky just may be the place for her. But, before that, she has to fulfill the promise she made to her mother.

I smiled throughout this whole story. It was sweet. It was fun. Brandon could be romantic when he tried. Mable and Maude were the perfect sidekicks for Brandon and brought laugh-out-loud scenes to the story. Grandma and Grandpa Morgan were delightful. Lesa was just wonderful … I don’t think she had a bad bone or thought in her body. The cross-over in the languages was so cute. I loved how she made fun of the way he talked and how she mixed up our words causing the straight-laced Brandon to belly-laugh. So, I really enjoyed A Shot With You. It was sweet, fun and romantic.

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