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Ericka Wilde

My hopes and dreams for 2017 are very simple. I hope to see more kindness and tolerance in the world, and one of the ways I plan to do my part is by random acts of kindness. It’s something that costs nothing, yet can mean so much to someone else. It shows compassion and patience and genuine caring, and it feels good to know that you’ve touched another person’s life in a positive way. It’s the small things that matter . . . opening a door for someone else. Letting another driver merge in front of your car, instead of speeding up so they can’t. Picking up something that someone might have dropped. Buying the drink for the person behind you in the drive-through line at your favorite coffee house so it’s an unexpected surprise. (that one is my personal favorite to do!) Let someone with fewer groceries than yourself go ahead of you in line. Find opportunities to give someone a genuine compliment. Write a positive review of a business you like (especially a small business, where the reviews really matter!). Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, just to say hi and to see how they are doing. The opportunities are absolutely endless, and the best part is, those random acts of kindness will lift your spirits and make YOU feel good, as well. It’s a win-win situation.

What other random acts of kindness do you practice? And what is one of the most memorable random acts of kindness that someone did for you?


Erika Wilde is the author of the sexy Marriage Diaries series, The Players Club series, and most recently, the Dirty Sexy Series with Carly Phillips. She lives in Oregon with her husband and two daughters, and when she’s not writing you can find her exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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13 thoughts on “A Year of Hopes and Dreams – Erika Wilde (Author Giveaway)

  1. If I am in the store and an older person or someone handicapped needs help, I am there. I have had quite a few kindnesses come my way. Hard to pick one.

  2. I own a coffeehouse, and I love when customers pay for the customer behind them. It just makes me happy. I do all the RAoK mentioned above, I try to smile and compliment people. You never know when someone needs to see a friendly face or hear something positive about themself.

  3. I always say thank you to someone who holds a door open, even unintentionally. I don’t hesitate to hold a door for anyone coming or going through one that I’m near. Being kind should be a fact of life. ARKs truly make our world better.

  4. I give cookies out and coffee at the bakery I work for.
    If someone comes in in a bad mood, i try to have them leave in a happier mood. I’ve been told that I’m a very kind hearted person and that they return because they are treated with kindness.
    The most heart felt random act of kindness that was shown to me was 2 yrs ago. My husband and I was not working and my daughters school called and said that our family was chosen for their Christmas giveaway. The school earns money throughout November and donates money for Christmas gifts. That year my kids received a very nice Christmas. Since then I have donated gifts and money during their event.
    I’m a book blogger and I try to help everyone. I do this free and I will even promo authors in several groups to help those Authors.
    I think everyone should try to help someone.
    Thank you so much for all you do. You’re amazing.

  5. I am always kind to others. Just even giving a smile can brighten up someone’s day.

  6. I write little quotes and post them near my office door at work. I hold open doors all the time for others. One afternoon someone ahead of me in line paid for my lunch so of course I kept the pay it forward going and paid for the car behind me.

    Act as if what you do or say makes a difference, it DOES.
    Set your goals high and don’t stop til you get there. Bo Jackson

  7. It’s a lot of little things that a person can do that can make a difference in someone else’s day. From opening doors and letting others pass first or helping elderly people at the grocery store. It hasn’t happened to me but I’ve seen people have their coffees and doughnuts paid for by someone else ahead of them in line.

  8. A young man reached my arm while stepping off the bus on the icy pavement , just so helpful and sweet !

  9. I’ll hold doors open all the time, let people with fewer things go in front of me in the checkout line, let people turn in front of me to get out of a parking lot, I’ve also gifted books a few times.

    The best RAoK that’s ever happened to me was when my car was broken down late at night several hours from home, a church at the town where I had broken down had a fund for stranded travelers that paid for the hotel room. Since the tow & the repair was very expensive this was very appreciated.

  10. We like to pay it forward when we can–book gifting is a fun one. I also agree that kind words can be a balm to others, whether an overworked clerk or a fellow parent or some other traveler on our life journey.

    And receiving another’s unexpected support is such a blessing and gift!

  11. Holding the door open for others or helping the elderly to cross the street or to their car. On the receiving end, last year someone send me a book in the mail that I had on my wish list but I never found out who it was that sent it! That certainly made my day 🙂

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