ARC Two-fer Review – Hang Tough (Blacktop Cowboys #8) by Lorelei James

Miss James writes with heart. I’m all in when it comes to Lorelei James and her Blacktop Cowboys! ~ Angeline, Guitly Pleasures

When Tobin Hale stepped in to stop Garnet Evans’s son from railroading her out of her own home, he knew moving in with his favorite Mud Lily could be seen as strange. But nothing prepared him for the arrival of Garnet’s fiery, beautiful granddaughter, Jade—or her assumption that he’s up to no good…

While Tobin might be the hottest man Jade Evans has ever seen, his physical attributes won’t distract her from protecting her grandma from his sweet-talking ways. But the stubborn cowboy digs in his boot heels and refuses to leave. Stuck in close quarters together, Jade learns Tobin is the real deal—a hardworking, fiercely loyal man and she’s the one in danger of losing her heart.

And just when he was prepared to leave Muddy Gap behind, Tobin may have found the kind of woman worth sticking around for…

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Holy, hot cowboy! Hang Tough (A Blacktop Cowboys Novel) is another AMAZING story by New purestdelightawardYork Times Bestselling author Lorelei James. Tobin and Jade are a normally extraordinary couple who faced real life in a real way. They learned that assumptions are often wrong and love can be found where you least expect it.

This fun, lighthearted story with hot sex, a charming (and nice!) cowboy and a sweet (and shy!) city girl hit all of the requirements for a wonderful plot that lead us to a fabulous happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong; there are serious moments and topics that break your heart. Real life issues that can’t be easily swept away. Watching the characters deal with the ups and downs in life makes for one exciting read.

It’s always fun to see snippets of previous characters. Watching all of the kids growing up is a joy. The Mud Lilies take on a bigger role in Hang Tough and they are divine. My favorite is the animosity between Riss and Ike that is hilariously fun. I’m not sure if they are getting their own story, but I’d love to read it!

Miss James writes with heart. She weaves a story that makes me feel I’m a part of the plot. From her lovely characters to the gorgeous back drop of Muddy Gap, WY. I’m all in when it comes to Lorelei James and her Blacktop Cowboys!


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Ms. James offers up another stellar romance in Hang Tough with characters you can’t help but love, a full and entertaining plot and most of two people finding exactly what they need in each other. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 


The Blacktop Cowboy series has been a fun one with all the heroes and heroines coming fromatruegemaward different walks of life and many in different places in their life. From the minute Tobin Hale walked on the page way back in Wrangled and Tangled, I was curious about the smart, seemingly shy cowboy who wanted a chance to prove himself and use his advanced degrees and through this series we’ve seen Tobin struggle with his frustrations that the job hasn’t quite panned out the way he hoped and that women all seem to want to be his friend, not date him; it’s been an interesting build up to his story. Life doesn’t always work out like you plan and Tobin Hale finds out in Hang Tough that sometimes you have to be willing to compromise to get everything you want.

There’s always been something special about Tobin and the way he cares for everyone around him and in the last couple of books I’ve been bothered by the fact that he’s seemed unhappy in his life. Deciding to make a change in his life by leaving The Split Rock ranch and possibly Wyoming for good, he feels he’s taking control but when his favorite Mud Lilly, Garnet Evans, needs him to keep her family from putting her in a home he delays his plans and sets out to show the Evans family they can’t mess with the people he cares about.

I’ve loved the way Tobin has handled the Mud Lilly crowd throughout this series and his special connection with Miz G and while there is no doubt he will do anything possible to keep her safe and happy he is thrown for a loop when her exotic granddaughter arrives to spy on her for her father. Tobin takes an instant dislike in why Jade Evans is in Muddy Gap, but he also can’t help but be attracted to her. Their animosity towards one another on Garnet’s behalf runneth over, but the attraction between them burns brightly from the start. While it was pretty obvious what was going on in this story, I couldn’t help but be charmed by it all and they way these two started to really get to know one another and fall in love. Yes, this was a bit of an instalove situation, but it was sweet and charming and later on so very, very sexy making this a thoroughly enjoyable romance.

Seeing most of the previous couples in this series as well as a very good dose of the Mud Lilies made this book easy to love, but Tobin and Jade with their odd enemies to lovers relationship front and center, watching them both begin to realize that sometimes the best laid plans just aren’t meant to be, learning to live life in the moment and figuring out that sometimes your heart knows better than your head if you just listen to it made Hang Tough just about perfect.

Ms. James offers up another stellar romance with characters you can’t help but love, a full and entertaining plot and most of two people finding exactly what they need in each other.


4.5 stars


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