ARC Two-fer Review – Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3) by Sawyer Bennett

Scorchingly sexy, smart, and totally addicting at the same time! ~ Leigh, Guilty Pleasures 

Sela and Beck’s deliciously sinful tale of sex, lies, and vengeance reaches its explosive conclusion in the final chapter of Sawyer Bennett’s Sugar Bowl trilogy, which began with the novels Sugar Daddy and Sugar Rush.

For years Sela Halstead dreamed of revenge, but the quest for payback has been anything but sweet. Now, once again, she finds herself at the mercy of Jonathon Townsend, his hands crushing the very breath from her body. And even though she escapes with her life, Sela fears she may never recover. In desperate need of shelter and comfort, she runs to the one man she can trust. Beckett North has stood by Sela since the beginning. But can he handle the brutal truth?

Beck will do anything to protect what is his—and make no mistake, Sela belongs to him, heart and soul. The passion between them runs hot, even as their world begins to unravel. With the legacy of his ruthless business partner hanging in the balance, Beck stands to lose everything: his fortune, his family, his freedom. But each touch of Sela’s mouth on his skin, her nails down his back, makes it harder to let her go—and it might not even be his choice to make.

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Leigh-Avatar---BoxWhat a fantastic ending to an amazing series! Sawyer Bennett proves once again that she can purestdelightawardwrite a story that is scorchingly sexy, smart, and totally addicting at the same time. What was best about this one was that we got pulled in to an engrossing tale in Sugar Bowl and over the course of the three books in the series, the pace, the surprises and the passion never let up. Sometimes when I find myself reading a story arc which takes place over several books, I feel as if the author stretched it out further than necessary; that they could have condensed it down to cut out one of the books and the story wouldn’t have suffered for it. Not the Sugar Bowl series. Every one of these books had its own part of the story to tell, every one had a slightly different feel, and every one was fantastic.

Sugar Free starts where Sugar Rush left off. Sela returns to Beck after her confrontation with JT, and they both need to deal with the fall out from her visit. Neither could have predicted the ramifications that her actions would bring, and Ms. Bennett shows her true colors as a litigator by giving the reader a smart legal drama mixed in with the sex and revenge that permeates throughout the series.

It also gave us two fantastic characters. Sela was strong and likeable. She found herself on a runaway train that once she got on she couldn’t stop, and I truly felt for her. She would do anything for the ones she loved, and the feeling was reciprocated in a man that she hadn’t been looking for, but found anyway. Beck was protective, loving and willing to do whatever it took to keep the women in his life safe.

To add the cherry on top of the sundae, we also got a thorough epilogue to keep us updated on what happened after the HEA. I’m a sucker for these. I feel so invested in the characters when I enjoy a story that I sometimes don’t want to leave them. I feel a right to know what else happens in their lives and Ms. Bennett does not skimp on giving us a follow up on the lives of the people we’ve come to care about through the Sugar Bowl series.

Overall, this is a series I would definitely recommend picking up. It was engaging, it was intelligent and it was a real treat.


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This installment is brilliantly suspenseful and kept me on edge the entire time. ~ Afrodyt, Guilty Pleasures 

Afrodyt-Avatar---BoxThe conclusion of the Sugar Trilogy, Sugar Free, brings us to the shocking aftermath of Sela’s confrontation with JT. It is brilliantly suspenseful and kept me on edge the entire time. This series has shown that it doesn’t play by the rules so I expected anything could happen.

A blood soaked Sela has just come home and Beck and Caroline have to help her process her traumatic experience. Beck just wants to make it better for Sela, but really just makes everything more intense. I wondered how there could be any romance in such a bad situation but they stood with each other and had plenty of sexy times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and highly recommend it. Sometimes an author will split up a story but there’s not enough meat in the plot to justify multiple installments. That’s not the case with this story. Just when I thought I had it all figured out a new twist was introduced. Great read!


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