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ARC Review – Bedded Bliss (Found in Oblivion #1) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

I LOVED Bedded Bliss with everything that I have. It is a perfect romance; sexy, fun but with a sense of goodness and rightness and two people finding just what they need in each other even though they never expected it. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…
until someone ends up married.
Michael Shawcross is living the dream, opening up for his idols, Oblivion, on his band Warning Sign’s first tour. Until an overzealous fan goes too far and his hard-partying ways catch up to him in the form of an ultimatum from his manager, Lila Crandall.

Clean up your image—or else.

Single mom Chloe Adams is in Vegas for a rare girls’ night out. She wasn’t ever supposed to be attracted to another rockstar. In fact, she’s in rockstar rehab, and the cure for her addiction definitely isn’t a sexy, smart-assed guitarist with wicked fingers.

She never expects to accidentally end up his wife. Or to have her new husband suddenly decide that she’s the solution to all his problems. And surprise…he’s happy to show his appreciation in a number of interesting, inventive ways.

Pretending their marriage is real might just be the hottest proposition she’s ever been given.

But what happens when a lie becomes the truth?

Review copy provided for an honest review


I didn’t think I could love Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott any more than I already did, but then theypurestdelightaward had to go and write a new rock star series and give us one of the sweetest, gentlest, and kind yet dirty talking rock star ever. On top of that they pair him with a struggling, hard working, prideful single mom and they throw in one hell of a cute kid and chemistry that singes your fingers as you swipe your e-reader! I LOVED Bedded Bliss with everything that I have. It is a perfect romance; sexy, fun but with a sense of goodness and rightness and two people finding just what they need in each other even though they never expected it.

Michael Shawcross has been enjoying the rock star lifestyle ever since his band, Warning Sign, started getting noticed. He isn’t proud of everything he’s done and he knows he’s been spiraling a bit out of control, but when he sees Chloe Adams, an acquaintance of his step-mom and her new husband, in the audience of his show in Las Vegas something propels him to find her and spend time with her. Chloe is on a much needed mom-break weekend with her best friends courtesy of her son’s godfather. Too much alcohol and not enough sleep leave them both with holes in their memory of the night they spent together, but one thing they both know they have rings on their fingers and a marriage license and no idea how they got either one.

I’ve read many books where two people wind up married and not sure how they got that way or what to do about it, but what I loved about this book is Michael was bound and determined to make Chloe see he could be a good husband, father and provider. He absolutely went above and beyond to make sure Chloe knew he wasn’t going anywhere and used whatever he had to in order to keep her thinking about him (think sexy times here). Chloe was tough to crack; she was bound and determined to make her own way and provide everything her son Axl needed. Little by little though Michael made her see he wasn’t just a rock star, he was trustworthy and put her and her sons needs above his own over and over. I loved watching Chloe fall in love with Michael little by little and more than that I loved that Michael didn’t try and win her over with his money, but with the little things he knew would mean so much to her. My heart melted watching Michael and Axl together and as they fell in love with each other as well.

Although we see a bit of the Lost in Oblivion crew, Bedded Bliss can totally be read as a standalone book. We also get a better look at the members of Warning Sign which makes me excited for things to come.

This is one of those books I wish I could give more than 5 stars to because I just loved it so much. What started out as a night neither one could remember turned into the love of a lifetime!


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