ARC Multi-Review – Unbreak My Heart (The Rough Riders Legacy #1) by Lorelei James

There’s depth and richness to this story all on its own and it is a perfect kick-off to the Legacy series. ~ Afrodyt, Guilty Pleasures 

Unbreak My Heart is a breath of fresh air filled with moments of hilarity, moments of sadness, moments of joy and a whole lot of heart and love. ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures

Lorelei James is one of the best, must-read authors of today. ~ Angeline, Guilty Pleasures

There’s not a single disappointing thing about Unbreak My Heart! Boone and Sierra exceeded my expectations, and then some! ~ Java Girl, Guilty Pleasures

26171372 (1)Description:

Seven years have passed since I fell for Boone West. The brooding bad boy. We were friends, even when I secretly wanted more, but I settled for what he offered. After he left Wyoming—and me—I grew up. Moved on. Or so I believed until he blew back into my life with the scorching force of an Arizona desert wind.

I’m not that innocent sixteen-year-old girl anymore—I’m a businesswoman who swore never to settle again. But this older, wiser, hotter version of Boone unsettles me. How am I supposed to resist his megawatt smile and his built-army-strong body? Especially when he’s inserting himself into every aspect of my life? Now he’s determined to prove he can offer me everything that he couldn’t before—and he’s the only man that can fix the heart that he broke.


Joining the army? Best decision I ever made. Even though it meant I had to leave her behind. Sierra McKay. The wide-eyed beauty, who saw more in me than I saw in myself. I didn’t dare offer her anything more than friendship, because one kiss, one touch and I wouldn’t have had the guts to go.

I’ve worked hard to become the man I am. I have a career. A purpose. After a chance encounter with the one woman I never forgot—I’m not leaving anything else to chance. Now that I’ve chased her across three states, I’m ready to demonstrate that the passion we couldn’t act on before burns hotter than ever between us. And I’ll use every weapon in my arsenal to show Sierra McKay that she’s always been mine.

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To Sierra Daniels McKay, Boone West was a teenage dream, the perfect boy-friend but without purestdelightawardany of the benefits. He was a little bit older, rough around the edges, but had a good heart. Boone left Sierra behind to enter the Army when he was 19 years old and she was 16. Their feelings for each other were deep, yet so innocent and if you’ve ever experienced teenage love in your youth, their story will strike a deep chord. For me, I looked forward to this story because their chemistry and circumstances were so real and unique. So beautifully told.

This story begins with a very unexpected reunion between Sierra and Boone.
Sierra resists at first, but Boone is so irresistible that you want her walls to crumble so they can be together. When they finally do, it is nothing short of panty combusting. Lorelei James has done something that is really tough to do and that is to completely and irrevocably live up to the expectations placed upon a story. As a reader, to relish in every kiss and intimacy shared between characters is the hallmark of great romantic storytelling.

There are many layers to this story and yet it is so sweet and simple. I loved that Sierra was so strong and didn’t take any crap from the men in her life and spoke her truth to power and yet was such a goner for Boone. She held his feet to the fire, for sure, but she also relished being with her man and they were so great together. Boone just made my heart melt! After overcoming a rough childhood, Boone has made something of himself and he’s come to get his woman. He was so caring and attentive and strong and vulnerable. He declared his intentions to Sierra from the start and gave himself completely to their relationship and it was such a joy to read.

I’m guessing many who pick up this book are doing so because they’ve read the outstanding Rough Rider series where we encounter Boone and Sierra for the first time, but if you haven’t, you can read this novel as a standalone. Just keep in mind that it would be so much more poignant if you understand the world these characters come from. There’s depth and richness to this story all on its own and it is a perfect kick-off to the Legacy series.


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Slick-Reads-Avatar---BoxLorelei James breaks into the New Adult genre giving long time readers a story they’ve wanted for purestdelightawardyears, but offering new readers a new series they can jump into and feel right at home in despite never reading a thing she’s written before. Told in first person from both the hero and heroine’s point of view and set in Phoenix, Arizona, Unbreak My Heart is a breath of fresh air filled with moments of hilarity, moments of sadness, moments of joy and a whole lot of heart and love. Readers will love this crazy, tight knit group of family and friends whose relationships with each other are just as important as the relationship between the hero and heroine. For me personally, this is one of the many reasons I’ve always loved this author; ALL relationships matter in her books and that is no different in her freshman New Adult offering.

Sierra McKay and Boone West have history and not all of it is pretty, but as this story unfolds it becomes evident that the “not so pretty” part was a very necessary part of their journey to each other. Meeting at 16 an 18, Boone and Sierra were very young and to be honest both were at a crossroads in their lives. I loved that Ms. James gave us a few crucial flashbacks in this story that lets the reader see this couple as the teenagers they once were. There was the perfect amount of flashbacks, not so many that fans feel they are re-reading the book in which these two met, but enough for new readers to understand the complexity of their beginning and see the special friendship they shared.

In the seven years since they’ve seen one another quite a bit has changed in Sierra McKay and Boone West’s lives. Sierra is a college graduate and working her way up through her father’s company and a successful business woman in her own right. She’s involved in an association that helps other women achieve their business dreams and she has a fantastic roommate and her college aged cousins nearby to help her not feel lonely.

Boone has made a career of the Army and enjoys his work as an Army nurse, now a Sergeant he is involved in a special program that has him attending school and working on a special two year pilot program that involves all branches of the military and the Veterans Administration.

I think it was so important that both Boone and Sierra had their own lives; that they’d achieved their own successes and they did it on their own terms. I understood Sierra’s initial reaction to seeing Boone again, but I appreciated that she was mature enough to realize as they spent time together that he had to leave Wyoming in order to make something of his life. I loved that Boone was a man on a mission and planned on making it his goal in life to get Sierra to trust him again and fall in love with him once and for all. Yes, they both made some missteps along the way and they both had a few freak-outs over the intensity of their feelings given they hadn’t seen one another in so long, but that foundation of friendship from 7 years ago connected them and made it easy for both of them to realize that loving one another was the most natural thing in the world.

Some of my favorite moments in this book came from the secondary characters; Ms. James has a knack for making sure her characters are always surrounded by friends and family and doesn’t shy away from letting readers see the importance of those relationships. Sierra’s best friend and roommate Lu is not only great comic relief but an excellent person for making Sierra get out of her own head. Her step-sister Rory helps her examine situations from all sides and is there for some tough love when she needs it. Boone gets some comical and very interesting advice from his best friend, Raj and his and Sierra’s cousins Kyler, Anton and Hayden. But even more than that, Boone and Sierra both fall back on the friendship they formed all those years ago and that makes it very easy for them to read one another and know just what the other one needs when life gets to them.

It was easy to fall instantly into this book and not come up for air; the characters are well developed; flawed but likeable , the dialog is rich, funny and meaningful and most of all love is found throughout in the friendships and between two people who needed time , perspective and time to grow into their own selves before becoming one.


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Angeline-Avatar---Box Lorelei James is one of the best, must-read authors of today. She can write multiple genres withpurestdelightaward what seems like ease, which to me, as a reader, is phenomenal. While I always expect greatness from Miss James, she continually blows my expectations out of the water.

Unbreak My Heart is no exception. Boone West and Sierra Daniels McKay have grown up. I’ve always wanted their story since we met them in Gone Country, but they were too young. I may be in the minority, but I was happy to wait for them to get older. I think fans will understand why this was a necessity. Both, Boone and Sierra have grown into wonderful adults that I know you’ll adore.

I never go into storylines in my reviews and I’m not going to start now. I will tell you that so many questions were answered in Unbreak My Heart. You will be shocked. You will be awed. You will laugh and cry and want to give these characters a high five! Your heart will break only to be “unbroken” by the end.

Unbreak My Heart is a New Adult, standalone in the new Rough Rider Legacy series. While we first met Boone and Sierra in a previous book, it is not necessary to read that first. We are given all of that information in the form of brief flashbacks, so perfectly timed. I loved the dual first person POV. It felt like I knew deeply how each character was feeling. It made this book that much more special.

Miss James has shown us that her writing abilities are out of this world. Fantastic book by a fabulous author! If you’ve never read anything by her, this book is a great place to start.


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I’ve been reading romance long enough to know that sometimes those books that are the mostatruegemaward highly anticipated, those that loyal readers can’t wait for, can be disappointing. Expectations are high, and each reader has their own idea of how the story should play out. I’m always a little nervous reading one of these books. Lorelei James’ fans have been waiting for Sierra and Boone’s story for 3 ½ years, and it’s finally here!! All my angst and worry was completely unnecessary–there’s not a single disappointing thing about Unbreak My Heart! Boone and Sierra exceeded my expectations, and then some! Seven years have passed since we first met the pair in Gone Country, and lots has happened since then. The grown up versions of Boone and Sierra are just as appealing, maybe more so, than the teenage versions. I loved finding out more about Boone’s early life, and getting to know the man he has grown into. He’s smart, driven, funny, and sweet. I love that Lorelei’s characters have flaws, doubts, and vulnerabilities; they’re so much more authentic and relatable. His feelings for Sierra could melt the coldest of hearts. I knew these two would be amazing together, and they truly are.Young Sierra could be bratty at times, and so can grown-up Sierra, but she’s become a savvy, successful, confident young woman, with a great sense of humor and a very big heart.

I loved, loved, loved seeing Kyler, Anton, Hayden, even AJ’s nephew, Mase as college-aged men. A new generation of McKay men set loose on the female population–I can’t wait to see what they get up to in this new Rough Riders Legacy series. If they’re anything lIke their fathers and uncles, we’ll be entertained for years to come!

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  1. I have been waiting this book for what seems like forever. I’m so glad that you all loved it.

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